Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review

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  • Evens skin tone
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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Review

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the best eyelid primer, providing up to 24 hours of crease proof wear – full review.

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Primer Potion is the best eyeshadow primer.

Have you ever spent hours doing your makeup, perfecting your winged liner and blending out your eyeshadow just perfectly, only to have it crease or fade before a big event? Well, meet Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Since its debut in the makeup scene over ten years ago, it’s won awards from Allure, InStyle, and Refinery29 to name a few. It’s received a cult following in the cosmetics industry over the years, despite there being several other primers on the market. So why do both the Ulta and Sephora websites list Primer Potion as the best selling and most reviewed cream eye base? Let’s Jump into Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Review.

Promises vs. Performance: Eyelid primer with no creasing, no fading, and no worries.

Urban Decay promises their Primer Potion will deliver impressive, all day wear while keeping shadows vibrant, crease proof, and in place all day long. According to their website, it will provide a smooth application and serve as the perfect eyeshadow base, filling in imperfections with its unique polymer technology. Primer Potion comes in four shades and finishes: nude (Original), matte (Eden), shimmer (Sin), and a dark nude (Caffeine) for deeper skin tones. It is vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free. 

My Review Thoughts: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

During the review I enjoyed applying Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer with its doe foot applicator, which deposited the perfect amount of product to my lids. Then, I used my fingertips to warm the primer and allow it to melt into the skin. Original Primer Potion evened out my eyelids with its invisible nude finish and created the perfect base for my eye look. I actually like that it isn’t totally pigmented, as it helps color correct just the slightest. It kept my eyeshadow on all day without creasing or separating and made my shadows pop. I’ve used this product for years and am always impressed with its performance. No matter how many eye primers I try, it’s the one I always go back to!

How It Compares: It’s the best eye primer for a reason.

There’s really no comparison when it comes to the best eyelid primer on the market. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer still takes the cake as the cult favorite. It provides incredible wear, for up to 24 hours, so your shadow looks the same from application to when you’re ready to take off your makeup. Between the performance and reputation, this product is the standard in the professional grade price range, at $24. There’s a reason it’s rated 4.5 stars in over 13,000 reviews at Ulta. Pair this together with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and your makeup is set. Finally: Gone are the days where you have to worry about your makeup creasing, sweating off, or fading!

If you are looking for a good Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer dupe, Wet n Wild makes an outstanding eye primer as well. I’m talking about Wet n Wild Photo Focus eyeshadow primer.

Milabu Beauty Method: 5 steps for long lasting, vibrant eye looks.

Never tried Primer Potion before? Let’s dive into the application.

  1. Before applying any eye products, swipe the doe foot applicator across both eyelids. 
  2. Next, gently rub in Primer Potion with fingers, making sure to blend in product. I recommend using your ring finger as it applies the most gentle pressure to the sensitive eye area. 
  3. Once Primer Potion is applied and dry, it’s time to begin your eye look!
  4. What kind of look will you create? Pick out your shadows and applying them to your eyes. And don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!
  5. If you want, add some winged liner. (Tip: you can actually mix Primer Potion with powder shadows to create custom cream liners!)
  6. Lastly, finish off with a coat of your favorite mascara. 

Now your eye look will last all day!

Advertised Product Highlights

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion




COVERAGE: No claims

LONGEVITY: Up to 24 hours

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Keeps eyeshadow vibrant and in place without creasing or cracking; Can be added to eyeshadows or liners to create custom, crease proof shades  

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Cruelty free; Vegan; Free of parabens

Edited by Maddie

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