Uoma say what hydrating foundation

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Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $39.00 Retail

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  • Blends really easily with sponge or brush
  • Highly pigmented
  • Lightweight
  • Inclusive shade range (51 shades)


  • Colors oxidize a bit
  • Can look heavy if applied heavy handed
  • Separates at the end of the day
  • Not long-wearing (8 hours)

UOMA say what foundation review

UOMA Beauty SayWhat?! Foundation is a unique one. It feels like a serum foundation, yet provides high coverage. With 51 shades to choose from, you’re sure to find a match.

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Say What?! Foundation from UOMA Beauty is a super unique formula.

UOMA: pronounced OMA (uh-mah). Definition: beautiful.

The most inclusive black-owned beauty brand UOMA exists to “create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us.” They are all about rebellion and innovation, and are created for all. And, their Say What?! Foundation is definitely created for all with its 51 shades and game changing, unique formula (there’s actually six different formulas!). This foundation has won multiple awards, including an Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2020.

Here’s what I’m expecting. A thicker foundation that covers everything that could possibly crease. Let’s get into this UOMA say what foundation review.

Promises vs. Performance: Lightweight, but high coverage? Matte, yet nourishing? Let’s discuss.

Six different formulas for six different skin colors: dark brown, brown, rich tan, olive, fair, and very fair. The formulas each target different concerns that each skin color has. For instance, the Fair Lady shades are specifically formulated for fair skin, who UOMA says has the biggest concern with premature aging and typically has dry or combination skin. Say What?! Foundation is powered by something called biomimicry pigments, which mimic skin for a flawless finish. It features a buildable full coverage with a “vibrant-matte” finish. It is said to be long wearing and weightless. This UOMA Beauty foundation promises to minimize the appearance of pores, soften fine lines, and conceal redness, rosacea, and dark spots. Best of all: there’s 51 shades to choose from, making this one of the most inclusive lines.

My Review Thoughts On UOMA Say What Foundation

This foundation is very liquidy and feels like a serum, which explains why UOMA says to shake vigorously. The box also gave some guidance on how to apply: for a medium coverage, apply sparsely and for a full coverage, layer. It’s very thin in consistency, but packs a punch with pigment. One layer applied with a brush really evened out my skin tone and blurred, but didn’t fully cover every little imperfection. It didn’t look heavy or cakey at all. Give the foundation a couple minutes to set down and you’ll be left with the matte finish UOMA promised. The finish reminded me a lot of how a powder foundation would sit on skin. It looked heavy in some areas, but at the same time I could still see my skin peeking through.

The longevity and wear of Say What?! Foundation is pretty good. But, I will say, up close and personal it didn’t look the best. It was piling and separating. However, I didn’t touch up with any powder or blotting at all. So, for that, I am pretty impressed with this foundation. From far away, it looked really good; I still looked matte and even. I’m definitely happy I tried this unique foundation out and am excited to keep playing with it.

How It Compares: There’s similarities and differences between this and the standard foundation.

If I had anything to complain about with this UOMA Beauty foundation it would be two things: (1) the colors oxidize a bit on the skin and (2) I wish it was more of a natural finish rather than a matte finish. Other than that, this foundation really impressed me. It is highly pigmented, yet feels ultra lightweight on the skin. And, even for a matte finish, it doesn’t feel dry or heavy.

But is it the best medium-full coverage foundation?

Now, let’s compare this to the industry standard, Estée Lauder Double Wear. Both of these foundations feature a buildable full coverage, soft matte finish with a long wearing formula. They both apply easily with a brush or damp beauty sponge and give an even application. And, they both have an incredibly inclusive shade range (Double Wear has 55; Say What?! has 51). Where they differ is the formula and texture. While Double Wear is thicker, Say What?! features a serum like, really liquidy texture. Another difference is that Say What?! actually has six different formulas that feature different ingredients to target specific concerns from each skin tone family. That’s pretty cool if you ask me!

I think the wear of Double Wear is a bit more impressive. It wears with no transfer or fading for over 12 hours, which is something I can’t say about the UOMA foundation which began pilling and separating after around 8 hours.

Milabu Beauty Method: Here’s my tips for flawless coverage with UOMA Beauty SayWhat?!

  1. Prep the skin with a primer. Because this foundation can pill and separate, I’d recommend pairing this with a gripping primer. One of my favorites that really does extend the wear of makeup, and boots hydration, is Milk Makeup Hydro Grip ($36).
  2. Start with 1-2 pumps on the back of your hand. This is a buildable foundation, so you can always add more.
  3. Swipe the foundation across your face to disperse the product evenly.
  4. Taking a dense brush, blend in the foundation.
  5. Apply additional layers as needed.
  6. For me, I find this foundation has a bit too matte of a finish. I like topping it off with a setting spray that adds dew. Hourglass Veil Soft Focus ($48) is one I enjoy for this effect.

Advertised Product Highlights

UOMA Say What?! Foundation

SHADE: T1C Fair Lady

COLOR: Fair skin



COVERAGE: Buildable sheer to full

LONGEVITY: Long wearing

SKIN TYPE: All skin types


BENEFITS: Blurring effect; Weightless; Hydrating; Biomimicry pigments mimic the skin for a flawless finish

OTHER: Cruelty free; Vegan; Comes in 51 shades

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Free of parabens, talc, and D5

Edited by Maddie

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