Ulta Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

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  • Shadows are pigmented
  • No creasing


  • Colors pull more warm toned on skin
  • Drier formula
  • Lots of fallout

Ulta Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette Review

‘Everyday Faves’ Ulta eyeshadow palette is a mix of neutral shimmer and mattes for day to night looks. The shadows are pigmented and have no creasing, but the application is a bit messy.

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Ulta ‘Everyday Faves’ Eyeshadow Palette reflects its $20 price tag.

I like my eyeshadows to be pigmented and blendable, with little to no fallout and creasing. That’s not too much to ask for, right? I put the ‘Everyday Faves’ Ulta eyeshadow palette to the test for the Milabu Channel to see how this $20 palette performs. The colors are a mix of 12 stunning neutral shimmer and mattes that are perfect for daily wear. Would this formula be creaseproof and resist fallout? Let’s get into Ulta Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette Review.

Promises vs. Performance: The colors are definitely not the same.

There isn’t much of a description about this eyeshadow palette on Ulta.com. Simply put, this Ulta eyeshadow palette is portable, can take your look from day to night, and the shades are said to be pigmented. It contains a combination of 12 matte and shimmer shades, perfect for every occasion.

My Review Thoughts: Ulta Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette

Ulta has a few color stories in this palette range (Everyday Faves, Blushing Blooms, and Desert Skies). I picked up the neutral ‘Everyday Faves’ palette to test out. The formula is on the drier side, which resulted in a lot of fallout and crumbling down my face as I applied the shadows. In the pan, the shadows look very neutral, but they don’t translate the same on the eyes, at least for me they didn’t. The colors pulled much warmer toned. But, they are pigmented, which is great!

When testing, I did use an eye primer from Milani, which prevented any creasing from happening. These shadows wore pretty well on the eyes and I don’t have any complaints about the wear.

How It Compares: There’s better eyeshadow palettes for cheaper.

‘Everyday Faves’ from Ulta features 12 matte and shimmer shades for looks to take you from day to night. The shadows are pigmented, but the formula is quite dry, creating lots of fallout when applying. Another thing I didn’t love about this Ulta eyeshadow palette was how the colors translated from the pan to on the eyes. While this isn’t necessarily a bad palette, I do think there are better options for cheaper. My favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette is e.l.f. Bite Size. Bite Size palettes from e.l.f. have so many different color stories to choose from. For just $3 a palette, you get four shades that are creamy, blendable, and pigmented with no fallout or creasing. I mean, who can argue with a $3 eyeshadow palette?!

Milabu Beauty Method: An eyeshadow + liner combo for daytime.

  1. Begin with priming the eyes. Milani has a great, affordable eyeshadow primer ($8.99).
  2. Neutralize the eyes with one of the neutral matte shades. Girl Boss works great all over the lids and can be carried up to the brow bone.
  3. Using my ring finger, I applied shade Charmed all over the lid, stopping just at the crease.
  4. Using Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate ($8), line the upper lid. I like to add a small wing as well.
  5. Set the eyeliner with the darkest eyeshadow shade, Chocolate Kiss using a flat shader brush.
  6. Top off your look with a volumizing mascara. My favorite drugstore mascara is Maybelline Lash Sensational ($10.99). It just never lets me down!

Tip: If you’re on the market for some affordable brushes, there’s a brush set from e.l.f. Cosmetics that comes with 19 brushes for just $50! It has a variety of complexion and eye brushes suited for just about any look.

Advertised Product Highlights

Ulta Beauty Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette

SHADES/COLORS/FINISHES: Girl Boss (creamy beige matte); Wake Up Call (golden apricot shimmer); Good Morning Sunshine (blushed bronze shimmer); Daisy Dream (peaches and cream matte); Mocha Latte (dusty taupe matte); Charmed (cafe au lait shimmer); Flutter (pink beige shimmer); Toasted Amber (mocha shimmer); Five O’Clock (milk chocolate brown matte); Daydream (mauve matte); Gal Pal (reddish brown matte); Chocolate Kiss (deep brown matte)


LONGEVITY: No claims

BENEFITS: Mix 12 shades with different finishes for every occcasion



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