Tom Ford Lip Color reviews

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  • Overall
  • Performance

Price Category: Luxury

  • $58.00 Retail

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  • Smooth application
  • Comfortable on lips
  • As it wears off, leaves behind a stain
  • Nondrying


  • Not long wearing
  • Pricey

Tom Ford Lip Color Review

This Tom Ford lipstick is pricy, but it is one of my favorites. The creamy formula comes in over 25 shades, perfect for everyday or a night out.

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Lip Color from Tom Ford is the best luxury lipstick.

It’s no secret that luxury makeup is pricey. Tom Ford falls in that category, as the most “affordable” product in their lineup will still set you back $40. With this kind of pricing, I expect the products to perform well. Luckily, there’s a Tom Ford lipstick I think is worth every penny. Not only does this luxurious lipstick make me feel bougie, but the performance is top notch. It’s one of my favorite luxury lip products I have in my collection.

Now, I’m going tell you just why you should spend $58 on a lipstick (trust me, I know I sound crazy, but hear me out). Let’s jump into Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick Review.

Promises vs. Performance: An unrivaled, comfortable wear.

Tom Ford doesn’t say much about their lipstick on their website. They do claim up to eight hours of fade resistant, moisturizing wear. Lip Color is said to provide “intense, saturated shade fidelity” along with “impeccable polish.” The lineup includes over 25 color, ranging from nudes to bolds. And, of course, the iconic Tom Ford packaging.

My Review Thoughts: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick

With this Tom Ford lipstick doesn’t have many claims it has to live up to, it does have a high price tag its performance should match. Luckily, the formula of Lip Color is just as beautiful as the shiny, iconic packaging. It’s a super creamy formula and the shades are stunning. I have several in my collection, but my favorites are Pink Dusk (neutral pink) and Indian Rose (warm pink). The creamy formula glides on so smoothly and is super easy to apply. It feels comfortable on the lips and wears off like a stain would. It doesn’t wear off uneven or patchy. My only downfall with this lipstick is that it isn’t the longest wearing. Tom Ford promised up to eight hours of fade resistant wear, but I did not get that from this lipstick.

How It Compares: This Tom Ford lipstick is worth every penny.

Byrdie agrees with me, this is one of the best lipsticks of all time. Not only the shiny black and gold iconic packaging beautiful, but the formula is too. It is super creamy and nondrying on the lips. While the wear isn’t the longest and I didn’t get the full eight hours Tom Ford promised, it did wear evenly without any patchiness. It leaves behind the look a liquid lipstick or lip stain would, giving that stained effect. I think this Tom Ford lipstick is beautiful and is definitely the standard luxury lipstick.

Milabu Beauty Method: A luxurious lip routine for everyday wear.

I have the perfect lip combination for you. You’ll need three products: Melt Cosmetics Perfectionist Lip Pencil in shade Cashmere ($19), Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk ($58), and Tower 28 Lip Jelly in Magic ($15). These products and colors are stunning together.

  1. First, line the lips. I love the look of slightly overlined lips. To achieve this, draw just outside of your natural lip line. I like to keep this line as thin as possible. Think about drawing half inside your lips, half outside.
  2. Next, apply your lipstick. Apply starting at your top lip, following the line you drew. Repeat the same at for your bottom lip. Smush your lips together just a bit to disperse the product and work it in.
  3. Finish off your look with the shiny gloss! Tower 28 Lip Jelly in Magic Hour gives every lip look that little extra pizazz.

Advertised Product Highlights

Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick

SHADE/COLOR: Indian Rose (04); Pink Dusk (07)


FINISH: Natural, satin

LONGEVITY: Up to 8 hours

BENEFITS: Fade resistant; Intense, saturated pigments

OTHER: Over 20 shades, ranging from bold reds to nude pinks

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Free of parabens and mineral oil

Edited by Maddie

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