Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Liquid Eyeliner Duo

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  • Extremely pigmented
  • Very precise
  • Versatile, dual ended brush and pen tips
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Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Review

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen is the ultimate in luxury liquid eyeliner. Its dual applicators provide jet black pigment, razor sharp precision, and all day wear.

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Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen: It’s the most expensive liquid eyeliner.

The former creative director of Gucci, Tom Ford launched his eponymous fashion and luxury goods brand in 2006. The Tom Ford brand reflects a sexy, sleek, luxurious aesthetic that are at once timeless and just a bit naughty. Ford’s high end goodies include fashion, eyewear, footwear, fragrance, cosmetics, and more. Glimpsing the offerings of Tom Ford makeup, you’ll find everything from an $89 cheek contour kit to a $58 lip gloss, as well as what might be the most expensive liquid eyeliner pen ever, priced at $59.

So, is it wrong to indulge? I think it depends on the product. I’ve tested many Tom Ford Beauty products and, while some items didn’t meet my expectations based on price and performance, others did (like the Shade and Illuminate Cream Face Palette). I also happily declare guiltlessness for splurging on the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen because it is that good despite it’s $59 price tag. Let’s dive into Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Review.

Promises vs. Performance: Create the “Tom Ford Seductive Eye” with his dual tipped liquid liner.

Eye Defining Pen comes with a bevy of glorious claims, per the Tom Ford brand product page. This liquid eyeliner is supposed to glide on with “fluid strokes” that provide “ultimate precision.” The pen features two tips, a brush and a fine calligraphy tip, for customizable eyeliner looks in the liner’s hue of blackest black.

My Review Thoughts: Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Eyeliner

I enjoyed creating winged eyeliner with lined inner corners with Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen. The brush tip glided effortlessly over my top lid, helping me to work in gentle, easy strokes and to keep the liner right against my lash lines. The tiny calligraphy end was helpful for precise details, such as sharpening the flicks of my wing tips and applying the thinnest of lines to my inner corners. When it comes to pigment, it just doesn’t get any more dramatic or deeper black than this. Nothing budged from morning to night. Liner perfection!

Let’s Review How It Compares: Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen is an unmatched among luxury eyeliners.

Cat eye makeup, classic winged liner, graphic looks, or understated flicks, the Eye Defining Pen makes the most of any eye makeup style that can be achieved with liquid liner. A makeup artist favorite, it’s the beauty industry standard among luxury liquid eyeliners. It’s often recommended in editorials by Vanity Fair, Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, and others. This product has a stellar reputation, and for good reason.

I love Eye Defining Pen for the versatile, unmatched precision you get with its brushes. I’ve never found it easier to do so much, and so well, with one liquid liner. Everything from a thick or thin line, or creating fine details in the eye corners, this pen does it all. The pigment depth and opacity is stunning, and you can’t beat all day wear. This eyeliner is a splurge, but it’s worth it.

Milabu Beauty Method: Create a winged eyeliner look that wows.

The dual ends of this liquid liner make easy work of the winged look. Let’s begin!

  1. Use the brush side of the eyeliner and tiny strokes to draw a line across the outer thirds of your lash lines. When you get to the outermost corners, work in tiny upward strokes to create an upturned wing.
  2. Use the tiny pen tip to sharpen or extend the wing to your preference.
  3. Use the pen tip to complete the line all the way across your lash line, starting in the innermost corner and working backward.
  4. A dampened, pointed Q-tip can be used to clean up any stray marks or unevenness.

Advertised Product Highlights

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

SHADE: Deeper

COLOR: Black


LONGEVITY: No claims

BENEFITS: Dual-ended fine calligraphy and brush tips for ultimate precision, fluid strokes, and multiple effects; Blackest black pigment


Edited by Virginia

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