Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Review

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  • Overall

Price Category: Luxury

  • $46.00 Retail

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  • Separating
  • Lengthening
  • Dark pigment


  • Huge wand can be messy and difficult to apply, especially for smaller eyes
  • Doesn’t deposit a lot of pigment
  • Wet formula
  • Not a ton of volume
  • Not long wearing
  • Transfers and smudges
  • Flakes

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Review

Tom Ford Mascara ‘Extreme’ is not worth its $46 price. The formula does not do what it claims, nor does it wear well.

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With this Tom Ford mascara, you’re paying for the name.

Tom Ford is one of the more pricey luxury beauty brands, and the mascara is the cheapest at $46 a tube. I hold my pricier items at higher standards than their cheaper counterparts because if I’m spending that much on something I can get at the drugstore… Well, it better be good.

I have no problem paying for something if it’s good and deserves it’s higher price, but that was not the case with this Tom Ford mascara. Extreme Mascara did not do what I expected and gave me a less than stellar wear. Let’s review Tom Ford Extreme Mascara.

Promises vs. Performance: What will this mascara do for my lashes?

Extreme Mascara has very few claims. Tom Ford says it is the perfect final step to complete mesmerizing eye looks, achieving darkly lush shades. It has lash filling powders to amplify. It is a creamy formula that works to give optimal glamour and drama.

Review Thoughts: Tom Ford Extreme Mascara

I’m not sure what to expect from a mascara that has so few claims. From the promises Tom Ford does make for Extreme Mascara, I expect a volumizing, lengthening formula that gives a false lash effect. But sadly, I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Extreme Mascara did lengthen my lashes and have dark pigment, but the bigger wand was the first qualm I had with this mascara. It can be messy to apply, doesn’t deposit a ton of pigment, and a bit difficult to maneuver (I know I have smaller eyes, but dang! The wand was as big as my eye!). The formula is on the wetter side, and produced a good bit of smudging and transfer, and even flaking. I wouldn’t call this a long wearing mascara by any means.

How It Compares: This is not the best mascara.

At a whopping $46 a tube, this Tom Ford Mascara isn’t impressive. From the sound of the claims, it was to deliver voluminous, dramatic lashes. It did do a good job with separating and lengthening, but that doesn’t make it worth it’s expensive price tag. The wand is massive and can be difficult to apply. It doesn’t deposit a ton of pigment, nor does it volumize. Tom Ford mentioned “filling powders” in the formula, but I saw no sign of these. It didn’t redeem itself with a long wear, either. The formula began transferring after just a couple hours of wear, and by the end of the day I had a decent bit of smudges and flakes under my eyes.

Now, this is luxury.

A luxury mascara that performs is Chanel Le Volume De Chanel. This Chanel mascara delivers volume, length, and intense black pigment for definition. It gives me that false lash effect without the need for falsies, which I love. It has a much more precise applicator that makes it easier and less messy to apply. And, it’s a more affordable luxury beauty item, at only $35 a tube.

Advertised Product Highlights

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara

WAND TYPE: Tapered boar bristle

SHADE: Raven

COLOR: Black

LONGEVITY: No claims

BENEFITS: Lash filling; Creamy formula


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