TOM FORD emotionproof liquid concealer

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  • Overall

Price Category: Luxury

  • $54.00 Retail

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to blend
  • Solid medium coverage


  • Pricey for the amount of product
  • Not an inclusive shade range (only 12)
  • Heavily fragranced
  • Not the full coverage promised
  • Not crease resistant
  • After a full day of wear, looked crepe-y under the eyes

Tom Ford Emotionproof Concealer Review

I am not impressed with this Tom Ford concealer. Emotionproof did not live up to its claims of being “ready for any situation.” The formula creased and looked heavy after a full day of wear.

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Spoiler alert: this Tom Ford concealer isn’t my favorite.

I love testing luxury makeup products, but I’m extra critical. They have such a high price tag and there are so many products out there for half and even fourth of the cost, so I have high expectations when a product is pricey. I do enjoy a lot of Tom Ford’s makeup. Traceless Soft Matte Foundation is one of my loves, so I was excited to test out Emotionproof Concealer. Emotionproof has a lot of bold claim, from a comfortable wear to full coverage to waterproof. Even Lady Gaga has this Tom Ford concealer in her makeup collection. I’m crossing my fingers I love it because it sounds pretty great. Let’s get into the Tom Ford Emotionproof Concealer Review.

Promises vs. Performance: Tom Ford concealer claims full coverage that lasts all day.

Emotionproof Concealer claims to be “ready for any situation” with its waterproof, transfer proof, full coverage formula. Tom Ford calls this concealer extremely long wearing, with a heat and humidity resistant wear. It hides anything from dark circles, imperfections, and even tattoos, yet maintains a natural, radiant finish on the skin. And, a comfortable wear is promised despite the full coverage, long wear claims – I love that!

My Review Thoughts: Tom Ford Emotionproof Concealer

Let’s see what this concealer can do! I picked up two shades, Alabaster (1) and Buff (2). Tom Ford does say Emotionproof comes in an inclusive shade range, but I’d have to disagree with that because there are only 12 shades to choose from. Buff was a pretty solid match, but for a bit more brightness I did layer Alabaster under my eyes as well. The concealer did blend in really easily with a brush and felt very lightweight on the skin. From the claims, I was expecting a super full coverage concealer and I did not get that. To me, this concealer is more of a solid medium coverage, which I’m not mad about (it just wasn’t what was promised). Though, I did get the natural, radiant finish and lightweight feel promised.

But, it went down hill from there. After a full day of wear, I was zero percent impressed with how this concealer withstood the elements. I did not find it to be crease resistant, able to withstand anything the day threw at it promise Tom Ford made. Instead, it creased and looked crepe-y, making my under eyes look heavy and aged.

How It Compares: It’s just not worth the money.

I had high hopes for this concealer, but I was let down hard. Let’s quickly go over the positives: it’s easy to blend, a creamy formula, and provides a natural, radiant finish. Now, the negatives. It doesn’t have the full coverage promised (though, this isn’t the worst since I still got a solid medium coverage), it creased, and just did not look good after a full day of wear. My under eyes looked very crepe-y, heavy, and every line was exaggerated. When you factor in the price especially, this concealer is an immediate no for me.

So, I’ll give you my recommendation for something a bit (a lot) better: Dior Forever Skin Correct. You get a lot more product for your money: .37oz for $36, whereas Tom Ford Emotionproof is only .24oz for $54. Forever Skin Correct is a concentrated, creamy formula that is definitely full coverage. It gives a beautiful, radiant finish that wears well all day with minimal creasing and settling. The shade range is actually inclusive, too, with 30 versus 12. The only thing I will say, is this concealer can oxidize and it can look heavy if too much product is applied.

Advertised Product Highlights

Tom Ford Emotionproof Concealer

SHADE/COLOR: 1 Alabaster; 2 Buff


FINISH: Naturally radiant

COVERAGE: Full coverage

LONGEVITY: Long wearing

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Transfer proof; Waterproof; Sweat and humidity resistant; Can even help cover tattoos

OTHER: Available in 12 shades


Edited by Maddie

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