TLM Color Changing Foundation

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  • Overall

Price Category: Value

  • $8.99 Retail

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  • Doesn’t look cakey or heavy


  • Heavily fragranced
  • No coverage
  • Doesn’t even out redness
  • Never fully sinks into skin (even with a setting powder)
  • Clings to dry patches
  • Not good for sensitive skin

TLM Color Changing Foundation Review

TLM Color Changing Foundation Review: Don’t waste your money. The formula doesn’t perform as promised and is definitely not a foundation.

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TLM Color Changing foundation is kind of sketchy.

I’ve got to say, TLM foundation sounds a bit too good to be true with  misconstruing information all over the internet. For starters, TLM’s website and Amazon have information but they do not match, nor do any prices. Between the two, the prices range from $8.99 to $131… A huge jump! TLM foundation has such obscure claims that are so far off that I don’t know understand how they can call this a “color changing foundation”, because it is barely a tinted moisturizer at best. Let’s review TLM Color Changing Foundation.

Promises vs. Performance: Will TLM Color Changing Foundation adapt to my skin tone?

TLM Foundation promises to adapt to any skin tone with its unique color matching formula. The formula has shade sensing beads that pop with pressure upon application. It contains SPF 15 to protect skin from harmful sun rays. Promising up to 16 hours of wear time, TLM color changing foundation claims to be oil and sweat resistant and will wear all day without looking dry or cakey. (Note: These are the claims on the Amazon Product page.)

My Review Thoughts: TLM Color Changing Foundation

This is a weird one, y’all. The color changing foundation formula is literally white and it smells like straight up sunscreen (and not the good kind). I did test this out with two application methods: a damp makeup sponge and a dense foundation brush. With the damp sponge, I got absolutely no coverage. All of my redness was peeking through despite seeing the foundation change color when the pigment beads burst on my skin. With a brush, I was able to achieve a little more coverage, but the formula didn’t even out my complexion. While I was reviewing TLM color changing foundation, I wanted to see it up against an everyday sheer to light foundation (Clinique Even Better). Spoiler alert, TLM Foundation didn’t compare in any way. I achieved an even coverage from Clinique and that’s not saying much due to it’s sheer to light formula. TLM foundation simply does not perform as a typical foundation should.

I will say, the color changing foundation didn’t look heavy or cakey on my skin, though I didn’t expect a lot from this so called foundation since it barely had any pigment and wasn’t much more of anything than a SPF.

How TLM Foundation Compares: There are so many better products on the market (in every way).

Whether it’s a sunscreen, a tinted moisturizer, or a foundation you’re looking for, I can give you a better product in every category. If I’m being honest, TLM color changing foundation and brand sketches me out a bit. There’s no true price, no seemingly real website, and the claims couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite it not meeting any claims, it also irritated my skin. There are so many active ingredients, preservatives, and fragrance in this formula.

Now, here’s some recommendations that never let me down.

SPF: Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen ($36): Pricey, but one of my favorites that I can wear with or without makeup.

Tinted moisturizer: NYX Bare With Me Concealer ($11): Though this is a concealer, I enjoy wearing this all over. The hydrating, full coverage formula reminds me of a tinted moisturizer.

Foundation: L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear ($15.99): This is my holy grail drugstore foundation. With 40 shades to choose from, you’re sure to have a match.

Advertised Product Highlights

TLM Color Changing Foundation



COVERAGE: Buildable

LONGEVITY: Up to 16 hours

SKIN TYPE: All skin type


BENEFITS: No caking; Non drying; Color changing formula matches every skin tone; Shade sensing beads are activated upon application


Edited by Maddie

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