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Price Category: Pro-Grade

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  • Precise
  • Easy to control, tug-free application
  • Pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • No smudging/transfer or fading
  • Comes in a variety of shades


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Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner Review

Meet Stila Stay All Day: Its fine tip and intense pigment make easy work of any look, especially winged eyeliner.

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Stila Liquid Eyeliner: The perfect tip for winged eyeliner.

The classic liquid liner by Stila is a beloved favorite of beauty editors and makeup aficionados and artists alike. The inky pigment, the waterproof all day wear, and the sharp felt tip ensure this eyeliner’s spot on countless best lists (including best selling). Did I mention its wonderful tip? It’s one of the best for winged eyeliner, no matter how thick or thin, dramatic or subtle you want to be. This applicator is long enough to use on its side for a fat line, and its point is thin enough that you can draw an extra fine line or a razor sharp flick, or get into the corners with ease. Cat eye makeup, foxy eye, or winged eyeliner, if the look has a tail, er, wing, attached, this liner is great for the job. Let’s jump into Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner Review.

Promises vs. Performance: Budge proof, precise, and versatile.

I’ve already covered that Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner can handle a on of eye makeup styles. This is also boasted on the product’s webpage. There, the brand also promises that the liner “glides on,” dries fast, and won’t “smudge or run.” (Cue the sappy chick flick.)  The tip is described as “marker-like” and usable for “everyone from novices to pros.”

My Review Thoughts: Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner

I applied the winged eyeliner so that the flicks were nice and long, but not too wide or intense. True to product claims, the formula was very fluid and applied easily. It was richly pigmented and I was able to achieve great precision. The tip felt something perfectly between stiff and bendy. That means it gave me just the right amount of flex. This helped me glide into my eye corners, but it wasn’t so hard as to be uncomfortable or tricky to work with.

At the end of a busy day, right before my nighttime makeup removal routine, I assessed how well this liner had performed. My wings were still perfectly intact. They looked dark, crisp, and there wasn’t any noticeable flaking, cracking, or transfer. This is a really good eyeliner!

How It Compares: Stila liquid eyeliner rules

Great liquid eyeliners can be found in any price range. In the professional grade category, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner is the gold standard. It’s a timeless formula, one of the most iconic on the market. This liner has a lot of fans, having earned a perfect rating from more than 11 thousand Sephora reviewers who love its precision, dark pigment, and that it lasts all day long. I’ve enjoyed this liner for the same benefits as its reviewers, some of whom happen to write for big beauty magazines like InStyle, Marie Claire, and Glamour. This bestselling and Allure Reader’s Choice Award winner is truly waterproof and can handle any eye look. It’s a classic that’s not soon to go out of style.

Milabu Method: A great winged eyeliner look with Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner.

The key to success when applying this winged look is working in small sections.

  1. Apply base eye products that you plan to wear with your liquid eyeliner (eye primer, eyeshadow, etc.).
  2. Begin the liquid eyeliner application. Start at the outer corners and perfect your wing, first drawing a thin line that extends in a slightly upward direction away from your eye. Add another thin line, placed slightly above your original line, to create a very narrow triangular shape (wing). Fill this shape in if necessary. (I recommend starting with a thin line for this look. You can layer this eyeliner for a thicker, more intense wing.)
  3. Move the liner to the inner corners and use short gently strokes to create a thin line that extends to the center of your eye, above your iris.
  4. Use short strokes to complete the line, drawing the center of your eyeliner from inner to outer corners.

Tip: For a retro makeup look, pair this liner in Intense Black ($23) with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso ($22).

Advertised Product Highlights

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

SHADE: Dark Brown

COLOR: Rich Chocolate




BENEFITS: Glides on with ease and dries quickly; Won’t smudge or run; Precise applicator  

OTHER: Cruelty free; Available in 8 shades (including white eyeliner)


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