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Video Reviews


  • Glad I tried it
  • might work on coarse curly hair


  • Left hair feeling damp
  • Makes a horrible scorching noise
  • Had to keep refilling the water “tank”
  • Worked much better without the steam

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You might have started seeing these Flat Irons on Facebook, IG, and Amazon. I thought I would get ahead of the trend here and test these out for your consideration to purchase one. I picked up the Furiden Steam Hair Straightner from Amazon. It retails for roughly $50 and claims to save you time and keep your hair moisturized while straightening. In general the idea of a steam flat irons is interesting, but they do have many limitations as you will see in my comparison video.

Comparison to Standard:

Overall, the idea of a steam flat iron  seems pointless, at least for my hair type. In the video listed above we tested it out on my fine/thin hair and on Macy’s thick/dry hair. Maybe these types of flat irons would work better on someone with ethnic or very coarse hair. The sounds the straightener was making would make my hairstylist cringe. It sounded as if it was burning the hair and the results were sub par.

Overall, I would recommend a standard flat iron in a similar price range that does a fantastic job like the Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron.

Product Description:

  • Less damage from heat – – Steam hydration helps prevent heat damage, leaving your hair looking healthy, soft and sleek. The steam function of hair straightener makes flat irons very easy on processed and damaged hair, providing more protection from breakage than conventional flat irons.
  • Longer-lasting results – – Longer-lasting results – – The straightening effects of a steam flat iron last longer than the effects of regular hair straighteners. The steam hair straightener helps keep your hair straight all day or until your next shower.
  • More shine – – The steam mist adds smoothness and shine, giving your style a beautiful glossy finish.
  • Less frizz – – Vapor Infusion Technology of steam flat iron makes hair more resistant to humidity, providing better frizz control.