Sephora Lipstories Lipstick Reviews

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Price Category: Value

  • $10.00 Retail

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  • Decent pigment payoff
  • Creamy
  • Nondrying
  • Comes in over 30 shades


  • Not long wearing

Sephora Lipstories Lipstick Review

In this review, Sephora Lipstories Lipstick provides comfortable, full coverage pigment in just one swipe and is very similar to Maybelline Color Sensational.

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Sephora #Lipstories Lipstick has a shade and finish for you.

Coming in over 30 shades and multiple finishes (matte, satin, metallic), you’re sure to find a shade you like in the #Lipstories range from Sephora. And, there’s occasionally limited edition launches too. I think the name of this range is super cute and the colors are stunning. But, that’s only half the battle. How will this lipstick perform? Let’s find out if its comfortable to wear, pigmented, drying, long lasting, and more. Full Sephora Lipstories Lipstick Review coming up.

Promises vs. Performance: This lipstick is comfortable to wear and apply.

#Lipstories from Sephora is said to be weightless and highly pigmented. claims their lipstick to provide a smooth, full coverage application in just one swipe. And, it’s supposed to be nondrying. There’s so many shades and finishes for an unlimited number of looks at an affordable price.

My Review Thoughts: Sephora Lipstories Lipstick

Right off the bat, I definitely like the formula of #Lipstories better than Luxe Lipstick from Ulta. The formula is creamy and applies really nicely to the lips. It feels really comfortable and nondrying as well. The finish of this lipstick is a softer satin without. too much shine. Very natural, very pretty!

I didn’t have many expectations for longevity going into this lipstick trial, and all Sephora claims about longevity is for it to not dry out lips. I will say, my lips did not feel dried out by the end of the day. The color did not last, but that wasn’t to be expected with this formula.

How It Compares: A good, affordable lipstick.

So, we’re at the next part of the review, comparing Sephora Lipstories Lipstick to it’s competition. I’m happy to report that the claims of #Lipstories were met during my wear test of this Sephora lipstick. The formula is creamy, easy to apply, and nondrying. For only $9 a tube, I think this is a solid lipstick option. It is pretty similar to one of my favorites, Maybelline Color Sensational. Like the #Lipstories formula, Color Sensational is creamy, pigmented, and comfortable to wear. But, I do think Color Sensational is a bit more nourishing on the lips, and, for that, it is still my top pick for best drugstore lipstick. But, it’s so close that it’s really it up to the colors you might like.

Milabu Beauty Method: Hot Sauce + Oui are a fab combo.

  1. Begin with lining the lips. For lip liner, we’re going to use the shade Hot Sauce Gel Lip Liner ($13) from Sephora. To overline, draw just around the outside of your lip border. For this, make sure your lip liner is nice and sharp!
  2. Now that you have your outline, apply your lipstick. These apply really nicely and you get good color in just one swipe.
  3. Smush your lips together to blend everything out. But not too hard, as we don’t want to disturb the color!

Tip: Feeling fancy? Top off the lips with a shiny lip gloss. One of my faves is Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly in Magic ($15). It is a stunning shimmery shade that adds the right amount of sparkle to any lip look. Apply to the middle of the bottom and top lip to add a highlight effect. Here, we don’t want to rub our lips together. Let the gloss do it’s thing!

Advertised Product Highlights

Sephora #Lipstories Lipstick

SHADE: Oui !

COLOR: Satin nude baby pink



LONGEVITY: Long lasting

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Non drying; Comes in over 30 shades and three different finishes (matte, satin, metallic)


Edited by Maddie

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