Sephora LashCraft Mascara Reviews

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  • Volumizing
  • Lengthening
  • No clumping
  • Flake free


  • Can smudge and transfer depending on how under eyes are set
  • Heavier formula can weigh down lashes

Sephora LashCraft Mascara Review

Let’s review Sephora LashCraft Mascara: it delivers wispy length and volume to lashes, the formula is clump free, but beware of smudging!

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Sephora LashCraft Big Volume: This mascara creates wispy lashes.

Sephora Collection has several different LashCraft formulas, from defining to lengthening to volumizing to an all-in-one formula. I love a good volumizing mascara, so I picked up the Big Volume version LashCraft. This mascara has some big promises (volume, no smudging, and intense pigment?!) and I’m here to see if it lives up to them. Let’s dive straight into Sephora LashCraft Mascara Review.

Promises vs. Performance: Will this mascara be smudgeproof?

LashCraft Big Volume Mascara is said to be just that: big volume. Sephora states on their website that this mascara features an intensely pigmented formula that lets you achieve thicker, bolder lashes. It features a curved brush for definition to help coat each individual lash. The formula contains jojoba oil which helps nourish and fortify the lashes while preventing flaking, smudging, and clumping. It is said to be a buildable formula that can be layered to your desired intensity.

My Review Thoughts: Sephora LashCraft Mascara

The wand of this mascara is pretty standard. It features a curved, sort of hourglass shaped applicator that helps you really get every lash coated. The formula is on the thicker, wetter side. It has almost a waxy feel to it. Keep in mind, the mascara is a bit on the heavier side because of the thick formula. I would recommend curling the lashes before applying.

The effect of this mascara is more soft, wispy volume and length. I didn’t get much drama from LashCraft Big Volume. Throughout the day, I did have some smudging and transfer to my under eye area. But, as Sephora promised, there wasn’t any flaking and the application was clump free.

How It Compares: For more volume and more length, Maybelline is superior.

We are at that part of the review where we compare Sephora LashCraft Mascara to top contenders. Sephora LashCraft Big Volume isn’t the worst I’ve tried when it comes to mascara. I do feel like it fell a bit short in terms of the bold lashes Sephora promised it would create. While it did create volume and length, it was more of a soft, wispy look instead of dramatic lashes. The formula also isn’t fully smudge proof as I ended up with product transfer throughout the day.

If you’re looking for the best drugstore mascara, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Maybelline Lash Sensational is an oldie, but a goodie that I love. I come back to this mascara time and time again as it is always reliable. It provides all day wear with little to no smudging. When I wear Lash Sensational, I get the volumized, long lashes I want without having to sacrifice longevity.

Milabu Beauty Method: My method for applying mascara.

I apply my mascara a little differently than Sephora (and most other brands) recommend. I find this way gives me the long, defined lashes I desire.

  1. Start with curling your lashes. My favorite lash curler is from Keyvn Aucion ($21). To curl your lashes, gently place your lashes in between the lash curler. Rest the curler at the base of your lash line. Gently squeeze the lash curler a few times, careful not to pinch your lash line!
  2. First coat the tips of your lashes. This really helps to see how long the formula will make your lashes.
  3. Next, coat the middle and roots. Begin wiggling and curving the brush at the root, moving upwards.
  4. Finally, fan out the lashes. Take the tip of the mascara brush to coat any missed lashes. I find this especially helpful with getting those inner corner lashes that are easy to miss.
  5. I find I get best results when applying two coats of mascara. Let the first coat dry down for about 30-60 seconds before the second coat.
  6. If desired, apply a layer of mascara to your bottom lashes using a zigzagging motion. Focus on the tips instead of the root to add length to your bottom lashes rather than volume.

Advertised Product Highlights

Sephora LashCraft Big Volume Volumizing Mascara


SHADE: Black

COLOR: Black


FINISH: Natural

LONGEVITY: All day wear

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Volumizing; Contains jojoba oil to nourish lashes and prevent flaking, smudging, and clumping

OTHER: Cruelty free


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