Sephora Eyebrow Pencil Review

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Price Category: Value

  • $12.00 Retail

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  • Comes with a spoolie
  • Waterproof
  • Creamy formula
  • Precision tip
  • Good shade range (12 shades)


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Sephora Eyebrow Pencil Review

In this Review: Sephora Retractable EyeBrow Pencil works pretty well for everyday brows. It is a creamy, waterproof formula that is easy to apply.

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Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil: This is a decent product.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to the color of my brow products. I like them to be pigmented, but the formula blendable. And, the more precise the tip the better! Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil has a lot of the features I like in a brow pencil, from the micro tip to coming with an attached spoolie brush. I’m hoping this brow pencil holds up to the test, as it sounds pretty great for just $12. Let’s review Sephora Eyebrow Pencil.

Promises vs. Performance: An easy, everyday brow pencil.

According to, Retractable Brow Pencil features an ultra fine tip to create hair-like strokes. The formula is longwearing, smudge proof, and waterproof, keeping brows looking good all day long. It comes in a range of 12 shades that match just about every hair color. The brow pencil also features a spoolie brush to help blend the product and tame the brows.

My Review Thoughts: Sephora Eyebrow Pencil

I’m gonna be honest, this isn’t a bad brow pencil. It was really easy to apply with its creamy formula. The ultra fine tip allowed me to get really precise, hair-like strokes and easily fill in any sparse areas. The formula is pigmented, but still really blendable and easy to work with. It sets down nicely for a smudge proof, all day wear. I’m not mad about how this eyebrow pencil performs, and I think it is a solid option for everyday brows.

How It Compares: There’s definitely worse products out there.

Now that we’re at the next part of the review, let’s compare Sephora Eyebrow Pencil to top contenders. With that said, I don’t have really any complaints about this brow pencil from Sephora. It has a creamy formula, is easy to apply, is blendable, and wore pretty well throughout the day. I think it is a good pencil for what it is. I wouldn’t necessarily seek out this pencil over others, but if I happened to be at Sephora needing a brow pencil, this isn’t a bad choice. Though, my all time favorite drugstore eyebrow pencil is from NYX. Their Micro Brow Pencil is a fan favorite of many and is readily available in many retailers (Target, Walgreens, Amazon – you name it!). For the ease of access and performance, I’d say NYX Micro Brow is the best drugstore brow pencil on the market.

Milabu Beauty Method: Achieve flawless natural brows that last all day.

  1. Begin by brushing through your brows with the attached spoolie. Brush them in an upwards motion to separate and fluff.
  2. Starting at the front of your brows, begin drawing hair-like strokes to define and fill in any sparse areas. Use light pressure, as this product pretty pigmented. Continue this throughout the whole brow.
  3. As needed, blend out the product with the spoolie to disperse and soften the pigment.
  4. Set the brows with an eyebrow gel. My favorite for all hold is Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter ($24).

Advertised Product Highlights

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil – Waterproof

SHADE: Midnight Brown

COLOR: Chestnut brown


FINISH: Natural


LONGEVITY: Longwearing; Waterproof

SKIN TYPE: All skin types


OTHER: Comes in 12 shades


Edited by Maddie

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