Sephora Bronzer Review

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  • Compact has a mirror
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Sephora Bronzer Review

Matte Powder Bronzer from Sephora comes in six universally flattering shades that can be used to both warm up the complexion and provide a targeted contour – See full review.

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Sephora Matte Bronzer Powder is a creamy, matte formula.

Sephora versus Ulta makeup… Which brand has the better collection? I put the two brands in a one to one wear test for the Milabu Channel. A lot of the products I tried were new to me, including Matte Powder Bronzer from Sephora. The bronzer looks like it will give a nice, warm complexion. Let’s dive into Sephora Bronzer Review.

Promises vs. Performance: An easy to use bronzer.

The claims for this bronzer on Sephora’s website are pretty simple. They say this is a creamy powder bronzer with a soft matte finish. It is said to be buildable, allowing users to achieve either an all over bronze or a targeted contour.

My Review Thoughts: Sephora Bronzer

Out of the six shades available, I chose the second lightest shade, Mallorca. It definitely has more of a warmer undertone to it. The bronzer is pretty pigmented and easily applied to the face. I didn’t feel like I had to go back and keep applying more like I did with the bronzer from Ulta Beauty. The wear of this bronzer is pretty standard alongside others in its price category (value). This isn’t a homerun product, but it also isn’t a complete flop.

How It Compares: Is it better than Butter Bronzer?

Let’s review how Sephora Bronzer compares to the competition. Let’s start with the following. Does this bronzer from Sephora live up to its claims? I’d say so. It is a creamier, powder texture and does have a matte finish. It is immediately pigmented on the skin, so it isn’t the most buildable. But, this can be a good thing!

Now let’s compare this bronzer to one of my favorites, Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. Butter Bronzer has been loved by many for years and is my go-to drugstore bronzer. It has a broader shade range than Sephora Bronzer and a few more benefits ingredients wise (hello, softer skin!).

Milabu Beauty Method: Achieve an all over summer glow.

  1. For this look, you’ll want a tapered fluffy brush. One of my favorites is the Ulta Beauty Bronzer 21 brush ($16). Dip the brush into the powder to pick up product.
  2. Using a swirling/patting motion, apply the bronzer just under your cheek bones. When applying, use upward motions to help create a lifted effect.
  3. Using the same motion, apply the bronzer along your hairline.
  4. Add more product as desired to deepen the color.

Advertised Product Highlights

Sephora Matte Bronzer Powder

SHADE: Mallorca

COLOR: Light




LONGEVITY: No claims

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Can be used for bronzing or contouring

OTHER: Vegan


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