RMS Redimension Highlighter

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  • September 2023

New Makeup Overview

The RMS Highlighter promises multidimensional radiance and long lasting wear, all in a refillable mirrored compact.

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Our Rating Criteria

RMS ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer: A New Dimension in Luminosity

Luminosity is the secret sauce in many makeup lover’s routines, and the quest for the perfect highlighter is an ongoing journey. Enter the RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer Highlighter, a product that promises multidimensional radiance and long lasting wear, all in a refillable mirrored compact.

RMS Highlighter Powder Highlights

Shade Spotlight: Prosecco Fizz
The star of the show with the RMS Highlighter is the shade “Prosecco Fizz,” a warm champagne glow that’s universally flattering. Its subtle warmth adds a touch of sun kissed glow to the skin, making it a versatile option for various skin tones.

Gel-to-Powder Formula
One of the features of the RMS Highlighter Powder is its innovative gel-to-powder formula. This texture allows for easy application while ensuring a long lasting finish. The gel aspect lends itself to a smooth and creamy initial application, while the transition to powder ensures it stays put throughout the day.

Refillable Mirrored Compact
In a nod to sustainability, this highlighting powder comes in a refillable compact with mirror. It’s a great choice for those who seek both beauty and environmental responsibility in their makeup products. This thoughtful design encourages makeup lovers to reduce waste by refilling their product when needed, rather than tossing an entire compact.

Things to Watch For

Texture and Fine Lines
One common concern with powder highlighters is their tendency to accentuate skin texture, settle into pores, or emphasize fine lines. It remains to be seen how the ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer performs in this regard. Will it provide a soft focus effect, or will it require extra attention to ensure a flawless finish?

What We’re Excited For

Refined Radiance Without Glitter
Highlighters often walk a fine line between a refined radiance and veering into the territory of chunky glitter. The promise of the RMS ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer highlighter powder is that it offers a luminous glow without the unwanted glitzy particles. For those who prefer a subtle radiance, this could be a game changer.

As makeup lovers know, a highlighter can add that extra touch of magic to a makeup look. It can catch the light in all the right places, create dimension, and impart a youthful glow. While individual experiences with highlighters can vary, the RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer appears to bring something new to the table—an innovative formula, a flattering shade, and a sustainable approach to packaging.

In the world of makeup, innovation and sustainability are increasingly becoming sought after benefits. Makeup lovers are not only looking for products that perform but also for brands that align with their values. RMS seems to be hitting the mark with the RMS Highlighter Power, catering to the desire for radiant beauty that doesn’t compromise on ethics.

The Competition

Take a look below at two top performing powder highlighters on the market. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish has long been accepted as the industry standard. Then, there’s the new (launched in 2023) caliray hi! light highlighter that has become a new favorite.

Competing Highlighters

Best Clean


:caliray hi! light highlighter

Price: $30.00

0.18 oz









Extra Benefits


Industry Standard


:MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Price: $40.00

0.35 oz









Extra Benefits


Our Rating Criteria

Advertised Product Highlights

RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer

# OF SHADES: 1 (Prosecco Fizz: a warm, champagne glow)

FORMULATION: Hybrid gel powder

FINISH: Luminous

LONGEVITY: Long wearing

BENEFITS: Refillable mirrored compact; Gel to power formula

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Cruelty free; Free of talc and over 2700 ingredients

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