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  • $35.99 Retail
  • $25.00 MILABU suggested

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  • Heats up in 20 seconds
  • Did a good job straightening the hair
  • Bigger plates
  • I like the comb attachment


  • Snags the hair
  • It creates smoke/burning smell
  • Makes a razoring sound when it reaches the ends of my hair

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The Salon Straight Copper Smooth Flat Iron is a ceramic plated flat iron under $50. This flat iron caught my eye because of it’s unique comb attachment.  I didn’t have high hopes because of the ceramic plates and lack of technology, but I was interested to see how the comb attachment would work with my somewhat wavy hair.

Comparison to Standard:

I compared this flat iron to my Kristin Ess and overall, the results were fairly similar. When you really examine the hair though, this Kristin Ess smoothed my hair and created much less frizz than the Revlon. After touching my hair, I could tell my hair was much smoother and softer on the Kristin Ess side, especially the ends.

Overall, I think the flat iron did a good job. It straightened my hair and got rid of the frizz. I like the idea of comb attachment but I think it could be redesigned to give a more even separation for better, smoother results. My hair looked better when I used my own brush and not the Revlon attachment.

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