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Price Category: Luxury

  • $499.00 Retail

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  • Leaves hair feeling soft, sleek and straight
  • Fun to use


  • It’s huge and really heats up the room (not travel friendly)
  • Really loud
  • Tangles hair a little (esp. towards the bottom)
  • Adds frizz
  • Doesn’t add volume
  • Uncomfortable to hold after a while
  • Has a hard time getting into the roots

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The RevAir Reverse Air Dryer is a $400 tool which uses reverse drying technology to dry your hair in half the time as a regular hair dryer and with much less damage. It leaves your hair sleek and smooth after drying, but do I recommend it over the Dyson Airwrap hair drying system?

Comparison to Standard:

While putting the RevAir up against the Dyson, I noticed several things. The Dyson dried my hair in half the time as the Revair and left my hair smooth, voluminous, and really showcased my fresh haircut. The RevAir left my hair very straight, but didn’t add any volume and did add extra frizz. My hair also felt very tangled towards the bottom and a little damp towards the roots, even after 2 passes. The RevAir hair dryer is a really cool concept, but it does lack versatility. Both the ReVair and the Dyson are expensive, but the Dyson is a more versatile tool, giving you more bang for your buck in comparison to the RevAir, which only does one thing (drying the hair). In my opinion, if you are planning to invest in a great hair drying system, I would recommend putting your money towards the Dyson Airwrap.

Product Description:

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