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  • $99.99 Retail
  • $49.99 MILABU suggested

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  • Cordless
  • Charge your phone with it
  • Portable


  • Battery life is not 60min as claimed
  • Battery lasts 30 min (on high setting)
  • Not enough power
  • Leaver hair frizzy
  • Hair opening is too small
  • Beeps are too loud
  • Too bulky for the hand

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This is the first cordless automated hair curler. Now, these are all over amazon and social media. But, as far as we know this is the original manufacturer, who everyone copies, or purchases from them. There is not much versatility but it is hassle free.

Comparison to Standard

Obviously the main feature this hair curler presents is the cordless feature. It may not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but not having a cord does make the process so much easier and seamless. However there are down sides to the wireless hair tools, the main one is lack of battery life and the second major one not providing enough watts or power to heat the hair. MagicRod does need to improve the battery and power of the tool. Currently the cordless hair tools do not transfer the heat fast enough to style the hair as good as corded hair tools do, leaving the hair more frizzy looking.

The standard automated hair curler is the Chi automated curler. It definitely provides much better and longer lasting results. The design is thought through much better, not having weird features like small opening for the hair, nice handle, and great results.

I think this tool would be great for someone who wants portability, haste free, no learning curve type of tool. This tool will work for you. But, if you are looking for more versatility and superior results this tool will fall short of your expectations.

Product Description

Portable, Cordless, and Automatic. MagicRod comes with 5000mAh rechargeable battery to offer 60 minutes working time. The patented automatic technology will allow you to wrap around your hair and create curls automatically within 8 seconds at home, or wherever you go! 


  • Ultra-small and cordless, to easily take wherever you go
  • Easy to use, No Skill Required ~ replacement for your tradition curling iron or curling wand. Perfect Curls or Waves Everytime
  • 60-minute cord-free curling run time
  • Multi-directional curl action (left, right) with anti-tangle protection
  • 6 Heat / 6 Timer Settings allowing you to create tight to loose curls and waves anytime, anywhere with Auto Off feature
  • LCD Digital Display shows all settings: heat, timer, battery level, and curl direction
  • Ceramic curl chamber reduces frizz and adds shine
  • Universal MICRO USB for charging