Pacifica Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner

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  • August 2023


Pacifica Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner is designed to simplify the art of eyelining with its charcoal powder-infused formula.

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Pacifica Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner: Affordable and Versatile

When it comes to makeup, finding the perfect eyeliner that suits your style and skill level can be quite the quest. Pacifica, a brand known for its commitment to clean and vegan beauty, has recently introduced a solution to this challenge with its Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner. This eyeliner is not only 100% vegan and cruelty free, but it also offers versatility, making it suitable for all makeup lovers – even beginners. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the new Pacifica Eyeliner Pen, exploring its features, what to watch out for, and what makes it an exciting addition to your makeup collection.

Pacifica Eyeliner Pen Highlights

Simplify Liner Looks: Pacifica Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner is designed to simplify the art of eyelining. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle, everyday look or a bold and dramatic style, this eyeliner has you covered. One of its standout features is its easy-to-use pen tip, which provides quick and precise application. Even if you’re new to eyeliner, you’re sure to find it user-friendly while experienced makeup lovers will appreciate the convenience.

No Carbon Black: The charcoal powder-infused formula adds depth to your eyes without the use of carbon black, making it a natural and eco-friendly alternative. Plus, it’s formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and silicones, which aligns with Pacifica’s commitment to clean and safe beauty products.

Things to Watch For

Ease of Application: As with any eyeliner, the application process and how well it wears throughout the day are essential factors to consider. When trying out the Pacifica Liquid Lines Eyeliner, pay attention to how easily it applies. A good eyeliner should glide smoothly without tugging or pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes. The pen tip design is intended to offer precision, so make sure it delivers on that promise too.

The Wear Time: Additionally, observe how well the eyeliner wears throughout the day. Does it remain transfer and smudge free? Ideally, you’d want an eyeliner that lasts from morning to night without requiring touch-ups. We’ll see whether it holds up to its claims in terms of longevity and staying power.

What We’re Excited About

What truly excites us about the new Pacifica Eyeliner Pen is its affordability and commitment to clean beauty. High quality makeup products that are also budget-friendly can be hard to come by. Hopefully, Pacifica has managed to strike that balance. For makeup lovers who want to support ethical and sustainable brands without breaking the bank, this eyeliner is a promising option.

Moreover, Pacifica’s dedication to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics aligns with the growing demand for ethical beauty products. With this eyeliner, you can enjoy a versatile and affordable option while staying true to your values.

Advertised Product Highlights

Pacifica Liquid Lines Pen Tip Eye Liner




LONGEVITY: Long wearing

EXTRA BENEFITS: Quick and easy precision application; Suitable for beginners; Contains charcoal powder as an alternative to carbon black

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Cruelty free; Vegan; Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and sulfates

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