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Milabu Rating

  • Overall

Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $30.00 Retail

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  • Matte
  • Buildable color
  • Easy to apply
  • Long wearing
  • Refillable compacts


  • Could use more finish types

MOB Blush Review

MOB Beauty is an earth-first brand focused on clean, sustainable sourcing and ingredients. Their talc free Blush is matte, long wearing, and highly pigmented.

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MOB Blush is clean, vegan, and ethically sourced.

Let’s chat eco-conscious beauty! MOB is a brand that is earth-first focused, meaning both their ingredients are bio-degradable, ethically sourced, cruelty free, and vegan. Their products are made to be both refillable and recyclable, made to reduce waste and the impact on the planet. In 2021, MOB landed themselves on Byrdie ‘Best Eco Makeup‘ and AllureBest Refillable Makeup‘ lists. Their talc free Blush is the first product I’ve ever tried from them and I was excited to play around with it to see how it performs. Let’s review MOB Blush.

Promises vs. Performance: Wow, this natural blush is pigmented!

Now that we know how MOB does things, how is their Blush said to perform? According to MOB’s website, this blush features a buttery texture with a non-drying matte finish. The blush is said to be buildable, with color intensifying the more it is layered. The talc free formula features ingredients such as chamomile extract to calm skin, in addition to natural antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) to strengthen and protect skin’s barrier. Of course, the formula is clean, cruelty free, and vegan.

My Review Thoughts on MOB Blush

I have a few review thoughts on MOB Blush. I picked up shade M31, a dusty mauve, to try out. This blush is incredibly pigmented! The formula is buttery like they said it to be. It blended out really smooth on the skin, not looking patchy or chalky at all. MOB Blush is nice and creamy, but powder! I’d say the long wearing claim holds up pretty well too. Even after a busy, long day of wear, the blush was still on my cheeks!

How It Compares: The best blush or just the best eco blush?

MOB is a really cool brand with an awesome concept. During the review and wear test MOB Blush performed well and held up to its claims. It is long wearing, matte, and buildable with eight shades to choose from. And, it is talc free! Talc free powder blushes are harder to come by in the beauty industry, especially ones that perform well. MOB is all about sustainability, which is something a lot of brands are moving towards. It’s becoming increasingly popular and important to consumers. If sustainability is important to you and you’re looking for a high performance blush, I’d check MOB out.

This blush is great enough to stand its ground against the pro grade industry standard, the long standing iconic NARS Orgasm Blush. NARS Blush comes in three different finishes (sheer, matte, shimmer) and there’s over 25 shades to choose from. It has a silky to the touch formula, buildable pigment, and that is easy to use for both experienced and new blush users. NARS has the iconic, cult favorite “Orgasm” blush, a peachy pink shade with a gold shimmer that everyone seems to love. Orgasm blush has made waves as one of the best blushes of all time.

Milabu Beauty Method: Achieve a wash of color or a bold cheek with this blush.

This blush really packs a punch! Here’s how to achieve a subtle wash of color, bold cheek, and everything in between.

  1. Finish applying base complexion products (primer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer).
  2. Swirl your brush in the compact to pick up product (this brush, $14, from Flower Beauty is one of my favorites for blush). Make sure to tap off any excess product.
  3. Next, gently stamp the blush into your skin. I recommend starting at the outside of your cheeks near your hairline. This creates a lifted effect for the face.
  4. To build up intensity, follow the same steps above.

Tip: If at any point the color becomes too intense, take a bit of setting power to diffuse the blush.

Advertised Product Highlights

MOB Blush

SHADE: 8 Shades



LONGEVITY: Long wearing

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

BENEFITS: Chamomile extract calms skin; Vitamin C and E strengthen and protect skin’s barrier

OTHER:  Cruelty free; Vegan; Ingredients are bio-degradable and ethically sourced; Compacts are refillable and recyclable


Edited by Maddie

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