What Makes A Good Hair Dryer?

What Makes A Good Hair Dryer?

‘What Makes A Good Hair Dryer’ is an important question to ask. There are important features to look our for when selecting a perfect hair blower for your hair. Let’s get into it.

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A hair dryer has changed over the year with some important advancements in technology. It is no longer just for hair drying. Plus our understanding of the best way to dry the hair has changed. Research shows that using a hair dryer is better than letting your hair air dry. However, you need to use it properly and you have to get the right one if you want your hair to stay healthy. In this article let’s talk about the what to look for in a hair dryer.

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Attachment Versatility:

The true value of a hair dryer often lies in its attachments, transforming it into a versatile multi-styling tool. So far, only a few brands like Dyson and Shark seem to fully embrace this concept. These attachments can significantly enhance the styling experience, offering a range of options from precise blowouts to voluminous curls. I believe most brands will get on this boat quickly. If someone is on the budget, one could use the hair dryer for most of the hair styling needs, using aerodynamic technology. We already know a hair dryer can do the following things:

  1. Dry hair: with concentrator or gentle stream
  2. Curls hair: using curling barrels
  3. Diffuser: to enhance your natural hair texture
  4. Smooth flyaways: using flyaway attachment
  5. Comb attachment: to straighten curly hair
  6. Volume Barrels: for blowouts
  7. The two brand that are leading the way DYSON & SHARK (I think Shark makes best value hair dryer)

Power and Efficiency:

When it comes to power, the wattage (ideally between 1600-1800 watts) is a common measurement. You will find hair dryers vary between 1600-2000+ watts. And generally speaking, you could use wattage rating as a gauge. However, this can be misleading as advancements in technology mean that a 1600w hair blower could outperform a 1900+w model. A prime example is Dyson, whose 1600w hair dryers effortlessly surpass the performance of higher wattage tools, thanks to their efficient motors and heating elements. Unfortunately this can be confusing because there is no set standard.

Advancements in Negative Ion Technology:

The incorporation of negative ion technology, like tourmaline, is a game-changer in modern hair blowers. This technology aids in faster drying times while preserving the hair’s natural moisture. Most new models now feature a negative ion generator, releasing millions of ions, making this technology more accessible and effective than ever. I recommend looking out for this feature because it make hair drying much more efficient.

Customizable Controls:

The ability to independently adjust temperature and airflow is crucial for a hair dryer. This flexibility allows for tailored styling experiences, such as lower heat with maximum airflow for summer days or during blowouts. Also, now that hair blowers are incorporating different types of attachments, having separate controls for airflow and temperature becomes even more important. Different attachment will require different settings.

Additionally, the placement of these controls is important for ease of use – poorly located controls can hinder the tool’s functionality. i have hit controls by accident countless of times on poorly designed hair dryers.

The Convenience of a Cool Shot Button:

A Cool Shot button is an essential feature for any high-quality hair blower. It provides a convenient way to set your hairstyle with a burst of cool air, eliminating the need to manually adjust the dryer to a cooler setting. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the overall styling process.

Quality is Paramount

Here is one more item for ‘what to look for in a hair dryer’. Quality can not be overlooked for many reasons. Number one, you don’t want it stop working and go through the hassle of finding another one. Two, the circuitry is subpar in cheaper products, so you never know if negative ion generator works, or if the temperature is controlled properly. All of these things will shorten the life of a tool and damage your hair.

A good rule of thumb for quality is to look for more established brands. There brands are naturally encouraged to have better quality assurance program for various reasons. They do not want to have many returns, they need to have a good name, they will naturally care more about their products because they are in it for the long term.

So does that mean most of the Amazon hair dryers are bad? Unfortunately many are. However, many great brands have started on amazon. TYMO is a great example. You have to look for brands that are a bit more established with some history on amazon. They must have good ratings, even though we know they are heavily manipulated on amazon. Lastly, hopefully they have their own website which tells a customer that the owner cares that much more.

Conclusion – What Makes A Good Hair Dryer?

In conclusion, when choosing the ideal hair dryer, it’s essential to look beyond basic specifications and consider the full range of features that contribute to a superior styling experience. Attachments are crucial for versatility, allowing a single tool to cater to diverse styling needs, a concept embraced notably by brands like Dyson and Shark. The efficiency of the motor and heating elements, as illustrated by the comparison between wattage and performance, is also key. Technologies like negative ion generators have become a staple in modern hair dryers, offering faster drying times while maintaining hair health.

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