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In the ever-evolving world of beauty, the quest for the perfect makeup product is unending. Among the latest sensations is the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. This is a product that has taken the beauty community by storm. Known for its highly pigmented, long-lasting formula, and a range of flattering shades. It’s become a must-have in many makeup bags. However, its popularity also brings a desire for more accessible alternatives that offer similar results. Enter the search for the ideal “Rare Beauty Blush Dupe.” These alternatives not only aim to match the quality and effect of the Rare Beauty blush but also offer variations in price points and availability, making the coveted look accessible to a wider audience.

Quick Rare Beauty Blush Dupe Colors Matches

Rare Beauty Blush Color Dupes

Here is a quick cheat sheet for Rare Beauty Blush colors matches.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush – Quick View

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Rare Beuaty: Soft Pinch Liquid Blush


Rare Beauty’s liquid blush, known as the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, is a standout product in the cosmetics line launched by Selena Gomez. This blush is celebrated for its highly pigmented yet lightweight formula, which allows for buildable coverage to achieve a natural, flushed look. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with the skin, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable wear throughout the day.

The product comes in a variety of shades, catering to different skin tones and preferences, ranging from soft pinks to deeper hues. What sets the Rare Beauty liquid blush apart is its unique, easy-to-use applicator, which delivers the right amount of product for precise application. The formulation is also vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with the brand’s commitment to ethical beauty practices.

My Thoughts on Rare Beauty Blush


Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is a game-changer in the realm of makeup, primarily due to its exceptional pigmentation. This high level of pigment means that a tiny dab is sufficient for a noticeable effect, making the product quite economical in the long run, as it’s likely to last longer. Additionally, its formulation allows for easy application. The smooth texture seamlessly blends into the skin, providing a beautiful, natural flush with minimal effort. What adds to its appeal is the availability of both matte and dewy finishes, offering versatility to cater to different makeup looks and preferences. Whether you prefer a natural glow or a more sophisticated matte look, this blush has an option for you.


However, there are some considerations to bear in mind with this product. The blush sets quite quickly, especially the matte versions, which means it requires a swift and precise application to avoid patchiness or uneven distribution. The high pigmentation, while a pro, can also be a con for those not used to such intense color payoff. It can be easy to overapply, necessitating a careful hand and a bit of practice to achieve the desired intensity. Additionally, the packaging, though aesthetically pleasing, can be prone to messiness. The design, while elegant, may not always dispense the ideal amount of product, leading to potential waste or difficulty in controlling the amount used each time. I suggest start with a small dot on the back of your hand, and use a brush to pick it up. Avoid putting it directly on your face because it may become hard to manage.

All that said, just because it is so pigmented it has caught everyones attention. Due to that fact, apart from the Salena Gomez name, many people try to find a good dupe for Rare Beauty Blush. Let’s see if we can find a few dupes.

Video Tutorial and Application:

What Makes a Good Rare Beauty Blush Dupe?

Identifying a good ‘Rare Beauty Blush Dupe’ hinges on several critical factors that mimic the beloved qualities of the original product while offering certain improvements.


Pigmentation is paramount. The dupe must provide a rich, vivid color payoff akin to Rare Beauty’s highly pigmented formula, ensuring that the cheeks are suffused with a vibrant, noticeable blush with minimal application.


Longevity plays a vital role. A worthy dupe should possess a long-lasting formula that maintains its intensity and appearance throughout the day, similar to Rare Beauty’s renowned staying power. This aspect is crucial for those who seek a blush that can withstand various conditions without the need for frequent touch-ups.


The dupe should deliver a flattering and aesthetically pleasing finish on the skin, whether it’s aiming for a natural glow or a more pronounced color. The goal is to replicate the seamless, blendable quality of Rare Beauty’s blush that compliments a wide range of skin tones and makeup looks.

Elf Camo Liquid Blush

elf cosmetics came out with their version of a liquid blush that is pigmented and long lasting, very similar to Rare Beauty Blush options. One might call elf Camo the perfect Dupe for Rare Beauty Liquid Blush. Let’s see how they compare by in each category.

elf vs Rare Beauty Liquid Blush:

  • Pigment: Considering elf vs Rare Beauty blush, both are very pigmented. There are a few shades that are not pigmented for elf, like Peach Perfect. Otherwise they are very compatible.
  • Application: Both blushes have user-friendly application methods, very similar applicators and easy application as long as you blend right away.
  • Working Time: Both have similar working time. There is enough working time but you don’t want to wait too long.
  • Longevity: While both blushes offer good staying power, Rare Beauty’s highly pigmented formula has a slight edge in terms of longevity.

elf Camo Dupe Color Chart

elf Camo Dupes for Rare Beauty
elf Camo Color Dupes for Rare Beauty

Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush

Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush reviews

MILANI: Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush


The Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush is a popular cosmetic product that has gained attention for its blendable, lightweight formula. It’s designed to provide a natural, dewy flush of color to the cheeks, enhancing the complexion with a healthy-looking glow. The formula is buildable, allowing users to achieve both a subtle hint of color or a more intense look, depending on their preference. This liquid blush is part of Milani’s line of cruelty-free makeup products and comes in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones, making it a versatile option for a wide range of users.

MILANI vs Rare Beauty Liquid Blush:

  • Pigment: In comparison to Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush, the Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush offers a more subtle pigmentation. While Rare Beauty’s blush is known for its high pigmentation where a little goes a long way, Milani’s version provides a more buildable color that can be layered for intensity, making it a more forgiving choice for those who prefer a lighter application.
  • Application: Both blushes have user-friendly application methods, but the Milani blush may be slightly easier to work with for beginners due to its less intense pigmentation. It blends smoothly into the skin, allowing for a more controlled and gradual build-up of color.
  • Working Time: Milani’s blush offers a bit more working time compared to Rare Beauty’s, which is known to set quickly, especially in its matte finishes. This extended working time can be particularly beneficial for those who are still perfecting their blush technique.
  • Longevity: While both blushes offer good staying power, Rare Beauty’s highly pigmented formula might have a slight edge in terms of longevity, especially when set properly. Milani’s blush, while long-lasting, may require a touch-up to maintain the intensity of color throughout the day.

SheGlam Color Bloom Liquid Blush

Sheglam color bloom liquid blush review

SheGlam: Color Bloom Liquid Blush


SheGlam Color Bloom Liquid Blush is a popular cosmetic product gaining attention for its quality and affordability. It’s a liquid blush that promises a natural, long-lasting flush of color on the cheeks. Designed to be lightweight, it blends effortlessly into the skin, providing a sheer yet buildable coverage. The formula is known for its hydrating properties, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day. Available in a variety of shades, SheGlam’s Color Bloom Liquid Blush caters to a wide range of skin tones and makeup preferences. This makes it a versatile addition to any beauty routine.

Comparison with Rare Beauty Blush:

  • Pigment: Both blushes are highly pigmented, though Rare Beauty’s blush does have an edge in this area. Rare Beauty’s blush is known for its intense color payoff, where a little goes a long way.
  • Application: Both blushes offer smooth application, but the Rare Beauty blush has a quicker setting time. This requires a faster blending technique compared to the SheGlam blush, which might offer a bit more leeway for blending.
  • Working Time: SheGlam’s blush might provide a bit more working time before it sets, compared to the Rare Beauty blush, especially the matte versions of the latter, which are known to set quite quickly.
  • Longevity: Both blushes are designed for long wear, but Rare Beauty’s blush, particularly in its matte finish, has an advantage in terms of staying power.
  • Price: SheGlam comes right below $5.00 mark. That is hard to beat. However, here’s the important thing to remember. Sheglam is like a travel version because you don’t get that much product in the bottle. It’s really a $10 product if amount is considered.

Considering these factors, SheGlam Color Bloom Liquid Blush is often touted as a Rare Beauty Blush cheap alternative. It offers similar benefits — high pigmentation, ease of application — but at a more accessible price point. This makes it a great option for those who love the Rare Beauty blush but are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative.

Saie Dew Liquid Blush

Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush review

Saie: Dew Liquid Blush


Saie Dew Blush Liquid Blush is a popular cosmetic product that has gained attention for its unique formula and finish. This blush is a water-based, gel-cream product, known for its ability to impart a healthy, dewy glow. Its lightweight texture is designed to meld seamlessly with the skin, providing a natural flush of color. Formulated with key ingredients like mulberry extract and hyaluronic acid, it not only beautifies the skin but also offers hydrating benefits. The Saie Dew Blush comes in a range of shades to complement various skin tones. And it is celebrated for its ease of use and skin-friendly ingredients, making it a favorite among those who prefer a natural, radiant look.

Saie Dew Liquid Blush vs Rare Beauty Liquid Blush:

  • Pigment: Rare Beauty’s blush is known for its high pigmentation, requiring only a small amount for a noticeable effect. In contrast, Saie Dew Blush tends to offer a more subtle, buildable color, making it ideal for those who prefer a gentler flush or a more natural look.
  • Application: Both blushes are praised for their ease of application. However, due to the higher pigmentation of Rare Beauty’s blush, it requires a more careful application to avoid overdoing it. Saie Dew Blush, with its gel-cream consistency, blends effortlessly into the skin for a more forgiving application.
  • Working Time: Rare Beauty’s blush, especially in matte finishes, sets quickly, demanding prompt blending. Saie Dew Blush typically provides a bit more working time, allowing for adjustments and a more relaxed application process.
  • Longevity: Both blushes are designed for long wear. Rare Beauty’s highly pigmented formula tends to have impressive staying power. Saie Dew Blush, while also long-lasting, may offer slightly less endurance than its Rare Beauty counterpart due to its sheerer, more natural finish.
  • Skin Care benefits: Saie Blush provides skin care benefits and Rare beauty does not cater to those looking for it.
  • Price: This an important item. Saie Dew Liquid Blush is actually a better value considering the amount provided. It is about $10 cheaper than Rare Beauty. Now I know you could try to be careful with Rare Beauty and use less of it, but from experience you will most likely end up wasting too much of it.

Saie Beauty is very well balanced blush that makes it a Top 3 blushes on the market. Its way more than a Dupe for Rare Beauty, it is the standard for liquid blushes. But, its worth noting it because it’s cheaper.

Freck Beauty Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint

Freck Cheekslime Lip & Tint Blush

Freck Beauty: Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint


Freck Beauty’s Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint is a versatile, dual-purpose product designed for both cheeks and lips. This innovative formula stands out for its unique ‘slime’ texture, which provides a smooth, easy-to-blend application. The product is crafted with plant collagen, which helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while providing a natural tint. Available in a range of shades, it caters to various skin tones and makeup preferences. The Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint is vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable beauty practices. Its multipurpose nature makes it a handy addition to any makeup routine, offering a cohesive look for both lips and cheeks with just one product.

Comparing Freck to Rare Beauty Liquid Blush:

When comparing Freck Beauty’s Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint to Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush, several key areas stand out:

  • Pigment: Both products offer high levels of pigmentation, but Rare Beauty’s blush is particularly noted for its intense color payoff. Freck Beauty’s Cheekslime, while also pigmented, may offer a slightly more buildable approach, which can be beneficial for those seeking a more controlled application.
  • Application: Rare Beauty’s blush has a reputation for a rapid setting, especially in matte finishes, requiring quick blending. In contrast, the Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint, with its unique slime texture, might provide a more forgiving application, allowing more time to blend and adjust the color intensity.
  • Working Time: The working time tends to be shorter with Rare Beauty’s blush. Freck Beauty’s formula may offer a bit more flexibility. This makes it more suitable for those who prefer to take their time blending.
  • Longevity: Both products are known for their long-lasting wear. However, Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush, particularly in its matte formulation, is often highlighted for its impressive staying power throughout the day.
  • Price: I hope you appreciate that I’m paying attention to the amount of product each brand provides. Freck Beauty, in particular, decided to provide almost 3x of the average amount. This makes it a $10 blush! WOW.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Freck texture, the finish is not as polished and smooth. While the pigment intensity and staying power are comparable, the Cheekslime may offer a more user-friendly experience in terms of application and blending, appealing to a wider range of users, especially those new to highly pigmented liquid blushes.

Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush

Juvia's Place Blushed Liquid Blush Review

Juvia’s Place: Blushed Liquid Blush


Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush is a notable product in the cosmetic world, known for its vibrant and diverse range of colors suitable for all skin tones. The formula is designed to deliver a soft, natural blush effect, with each shade carefully crafted to complement different complexions. This liquid blush is celebrated for its blendability and buildable coverage, allowing users to achieve anything from a subtle hint of color to a more dramatic look. The product is also appreciated for its long-wearing formula, ensuring that the blush stays put throughout the day. Like many Juvia’s Place products, this blush is often praised for its inclusivity and ability to cater to a wide range of skin tones.

Comparison to Rare Beauty Liquid Blush:

  • Pigment: Both products are known for their high level of pigmentation. However, Rare Beauty’s blush is often noted for its exceptionally high pigment concentration, which means a little goes a long way.
  • Application: Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush is praised for its smooth application and blendability, similar to the Rare Beauty blush. However, Rare Beauty has a working time issue.
  • Working Time: Both blushes offer some working time before they set, but the Rare Beauty blush, especially in matte finishes, is known to set quite quickly, requiring a bit more speed in blending.
  • Longevity: Both brands boast long-lasting formulas, ensuring the blush stays in place throughout the day. However, Rare Beauty might be the longest wearing blush on the market, especially matter versions.

In the context of finding a “Rare Beauty Blush Dupe,” Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush stands out as a strong contender. It offers similar high-quality pigmentation and great longevity, with some differences in application and texture that might suit different preferences or skin types.

What are the advantages of Liquid Blush?

Using a liquid blush has several advantages that make it a popular choice for many makeup enthusiasts. Firstly, liquid blushes are known for their ability to create a more natural and dewy look, mimicking a natural flush. This can be particularly appealing for those seeking a youthful and fresh appearance. The sheer, buildable nature of liquid blush allows for greater control over the intensity of the color. This makes it suitable for both subtle daytime looks and more dramatic evening styles.


Additionally, liquid blushes are often favored for their blendability. They can be seamlessly integrated into the skin. This offers a smooth transition without the harsh lines that can sometimes occur with powder blushes. This makes them an excellent option for those with dry or mature skin. They are less likely to settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches.


Another benefit is their versatility. Many liquid blushes can be used not only on the cheeks but also on the lips and eyelids. This makes them a multipurpose product in a makeup kit. This versatility extends to layering as well. Liquid blush can be easily layered under powder for increased longevity or over the foundation for a more integrated look.

Popular Questions & Answers:

  • Why is Rare Beauty blush so popular? It made it’s name because it’s highly pigmented and long lasting
  • Is Rare Beauty blush pore clogging? It is suitable for sensitive skin. Also, from my personal experience, it did not clog my pores.
  • Where is the rare beauty blush from? The founder is Selena Gomez, the singer and song write.
  • How do you make rare beauty blush last all day? Rare beauty blush lasts all day, there is no need to extend its longevity.
  • Is Rare Beauty dermatologist approved? It is dermatologist tested.
  • Does Rare Beauty blush last all day? Yes, it’s a long lasting blush.

Conclusion – Rare Beauty Blush Dupe Alternatives

Exploring Rare Beauty Blush alternative options opens up a world of possibilities for makeup lovers. From high-end to drugstore brands, there are numerous products that offer similar pigmentation, longevity, and finish. Whether you’re on a budget, or looking for a product with different ingredients, hope this was helpful. These dupes provide the opportunity to achieve the coveted Rare Beauty blush look. This exploration not only highlights the versatility of makeup but also underscores the beauty industry’s ability to cater to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect blush match.

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