Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande

L’ange Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande

Explore the comparison between L’ange Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande. Discover design, features, and results to find your perfect hair styling tool!

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Every hairstyle guru knows that having the right tool is essential for achieving that perfect hairdo. With numerous hair tools in the market, it’s essential to invest in one that aligns with your needs. Today, we delve deep into the much-talked-about debate: L’ange Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande. Which one’s right for you? Let’s find out.

What is Le Duo?

The L’ange Le Duo is a revolutionary 360° Airflow Titanium Styler designed to provide you with the flexibility of curling and straightening your hair using just one tool. Especially preferred by those with shoulder-length hair or shorter, its compact design, ergonomic build, and floating titanium plates make it a go-to for many.

What is Le Duo Grande?

The L’ange Le Duo Grande shares the same foundational design and functionality of its counterpart, the Le Duo. However, its distinguishing factor is its 5.3″ long heated titanium coated plates, tailored for individuals with longer hair, particularly those whose hair falls below the shoulders.

Difference in Design

The most apparent distinction between the Le Duo and Le Duo Grande lies in their length. While both tools flaunt an ergonomic construction and user-friendly clipped design, the length of their heated plates differs significantly. The original Le Duo comes with a 3.3″ long heated titanium plate, whereas the Le Duo Grande boasts a more extended 5.3″ plate. This extra ‘real estate’ is what makes the Grande version particularly beneficial for those with “longer hair”.

Difference in Features

Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that in terms of features, there’s little to no difference between the two. Both have adjustable temperatures ranging from 280°F to 430°F, both offer titanium coating, and both are designed with dual voltage, making them great travel companions.

Difference in Results

While both tools have identical results, the advantage of the Grande’s longer plate becomes evident when styling. With the Le Duo Grande, you can grasp wider hair sections, significantly reducing the time spent styling. The benefits of the compact size of the Le Duo are purely convenience-based. It’s smaller, easier to handle, and more travel-friendly, ensuring impeccable style even on the go.

Langle Le Duo Results
L’angle Le Duo Results

How to Use L’ange Le Duo: Step-by-Step Guide

For Curling:

  1. Choose the Base Direction: Decide whether you want the base of the tool pointed up or down.
  2. Open the Plates: Squeeze the clip to separate the plates.
  3. Section Your Hair: Take a 1-inch section of hair, preferably starting near the roots. For those with shoulder-length hair or longer, consider beginning the curls at the mid-shaft.
  4. Position and Twist: Insert the hair section towards the bottom of the plates. As you hold the tool, twist it in the direction you want your curls to be.
  5. Slide Down: With consistent pressure, smoothly slide the tool down the length of your hair section.
  6. Adjust Curl Tightness: Remember, the more you twist, the tighter and more defined your curls will be.

For Straightening:

  1. Position the Tool: Hold the L’ange Le Duo parallel to the floor.
  2. Open the Plates: Squeeze the clip to access the plates.
  3. Insert Hair Section: Take a 1-inch section of hair, either bangs or ends, and place it between the plates.
  4. Grasp and Slide: Using your free hand, hold the cool tip of the tool. Apply consistent pressure and glide the tool downward to straighten the hair section.

With these easy steps, achieving salon-quality hairstyles at home has never been more straightforward. Ensure to use a heat protectant before styling for optimal hair health.

Video Guide:

Who is L’ange Le Duo For?

Given its compact design and versatility, the L’ange Le Duo is good for those with shoulder-length hair or shorter. They don’t have an urgent need to speed up styling process. Its compact size also makes it perfect for travelers or those who prioritize a lightweight tool. It is also a bit friendlier on the wallet.

Who is L’ange Le Duo Grande for?

The L’ange Le Duo Grande, with its extended heated plates, is tailored for those who want to get the job done quicker. It’s not just for longer hair, styling short hair will also be quicker. If speed and efficiency in styling are your priorities, the Grande version may just be your perfect match.

Comparison To Other Airflow Stylers – Le Duo Dupes

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Conclusion – L’ange Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande

In the battle between L’ange Le Duo vs Le Duo Grande, it’s clear that both tools hold their ground firmly, catering to different hair lengths and user preferences. Your choice boils down to styling habits, and travel preferences, and not so much the hair length. Whether you opt for the compact Le Duo or the efficient Le Duo Grande, the results will be similar.

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