Ah, short hair! It exudes a certain charm, from chic bobs to sassy pixie cuts. But many short-haired beauties believe that the world of curls, waves, and spirals is beyond their reach due to their hair length. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. Short hair can be just as versatile and playful as its longer counterparts, especially when you’re armed with the right techniques. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get heatless curls for short hair, you’ve come to the right place.

Heatless Curls Products

There are many product on the market that will help you achieve heatless curls. However, not all of them are geared for short hair. One of my favorite products of all time will not work for short hair – the curling rod. A product has to be able to do 8 or more sections for it to be a viable solution for short hair. Here is the list of products to consider.

Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods before



Curlformers on Short Hair





Why Choose Heatless Curls?

Before delving into the techniques, it’s essential to know why you’re making a great choice by opting for heatless methods. Constant heat exposure can lead to hair breakage, split ends, and an overall lack of luster, especially with short hair where the damage is more noticeable. Heatless methods, on the other hand, are gentle and maintain the health of your hair, allowing it to shine naturally.


  1. Bantu Knots
    • Process: Section your hair into multiple parts. Take one section, twist it until it starts coiling onto itself, then wrap it into a small bun. Secure with a hair tie or bobby pin.
    • Result: Tight, well-defined ringlets.
  2. Braids
    • Process: While the classic three-strand braid works, you can also try more intricate braids like the fishtail or four-strand for varying curl patterns. Just ensure the braids are tight and begin as close to the scalp as possible.
    • Result: Wavy to curly, based on braid type and tightness.
  3. Flexi Rods
    • Process: Starting from the tip, wrap sections of your hair around the rod and roll upwards. Once you reach the scalp, bend the rod to secure it.
    • Result: Spiraled, bouncy curls.
  4. Pin Curls
    • Process: Take a small section of damp hair, wrap it around two fingers to create a loop, and then pin it flat against your scalp.
    • Result: Vintage, voluminous curls.
  5. Headband Curls
    • Process: Wear a headband over your hair (like a crown). Starting from the front, progressively wrap sections of your hair around the headband until you reach the back.
    • Result: Loose, beachy waves.

How to get Heatless Curls for Short Hair Tips

  1. Start with Clean, Damp Hair: Wash your hair, and while it doesn’t need to be soaking wet, having it slightly damp helps in forming curls.
  2. Detangle: Smooth out any knots or tangles to ensure even curl formation.
  3. Apply a Setting Product: A light mousse or setting lotion can offer hold and reduce frizz.
  4. Choose Your Method: Depending on the desired outcome, pick one of the methods above.
  5. Be Patient: Allow your hair to dry fully, either overnight or for several hours.
  6. Release and Separate: Gently undo the knots, braids, or rods, using your fingers to style and separate the curls.
  7. Finish with a Product: A light hair spray or serum can ensure longevity and reduce any potential frizz.

Tips and Tricks

  • Uniformity is Key: Ensure sections are consistent in size for even curls.
  • Protect Overnight: If setting curls overnight, consider using a silk scarf to reduce frizz.
  • Boost Volume: For added volume, especially at the crown, tease the roots lightly.
  • Refrain from Brushing: Brushing out your curls can cause them to lose their shape. Instead, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

In conclusion, knowing how to get heatless curls for short hair can transform your look without compromising the health of your locks. While patience is needed, the results are rewarding, providing a natural, long-lasting bounce to your mane. Short hair is not a limitation but an invitation to explore diverse styling methods. So, embrace these heatless techniques and flaunt your short, curly locks with pride!

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