Ever wished for more hair volume? You’re not alone! Today, we’re super excited to share a complete guide on how to get fluffy hair. This guide covers everything from shower tips to diet tricks to make every day a great hair day. Let’s dive in!

Different Ways on How to Get Fluffy Hair

There are many simple techniques that take a few seconds to do, and techniques that are a bit more involved. Then, of corse, there are tons of hair products out there. I’ll talk about some of them. Plus, we’ll look at hair tools that can give you instant volume. If your hair is damaged and you want to avoid heat, we’ve got solutions for that too. Also, I know from personal experience, like after having a baby, that sometimes we lose hair and need help from our diet. I’ll share some tips on that. But first, check out this cool hair video tutorial on how these hair fluffing techniques work.

Upside-Down Blow Dry Technique for Fluffy Hair

This technique is more than just a fun trick. When you dry your hair upside down, it helps your roots stand up away from your scalp. This gives you a good start to getting volume. It works by having the heat lock your hair in place while it’s lifted away from the scalp. This technique is gentler than using hair irons because the air isn’t as hot. It’s an old trick for fluffy hair that’s been passed down for years. And if you need a great hair dryer, here’s a list of the best ones out there.

Hair Styling Tools for More Volume

We’ve seen so many new hair tools lately. Like the famous Revlon One-Step Styler, which has been a favorite for ten years. For something fancier, there’s the Dyson Airwrap Volumizing brush. It helps you get volume as you dry your hair. These tools are great because they dry and style your hair while protecting it from too much heat.

revlon one step styler for volume
Revlon one step styler for volume
Hair volume with Hair tools
Hair Volume Tutorial Using Hair Tools

Using a Round Brush for Fluffy Hair

How to add hair volume with round brush

Blow-drying with a round brush not only adds volume but also makes your hair smooth and less frizzy. The bristles lift your hair at the roots, and the hot air shapes it, adding both volume and shine. This is what round brushes are made for. There are some great round brushes out there. Ionic brushes are awesome for a smooth finish. If your hair is fragile, you might want to look at gentler options.

Easy Hair Volume Hack: Change Your Hair Parting

Hair can get flat if you always style it the same way. Just by changing where you part your hair, you can lift it away from the scalp and get more volume right away. If you change your parting line every few days, your hair will naturally start to have more volume. For example, if you usually part your hair on the left, try switching it to the right. You’ll be amazed at how well this trick for fluffy hair works.

Hot Rollers vs Hair Rollers for a Classic Look

How to Use Hot Rollers
How to Use Hot Rollers
hair rollers tutorial
Hair Rollers Tutorial

Hot rollers might seem old-fashioned, but they’re actually really cool. The new ones are even better for your hair and can create curls and volume that last a long time. You can see video tutorials on how to use hot rollers and how they compare to regular Hair Rollers. The major difference is that hot rollers are semi hoot when you put them into the hair. On the other hand hair rollers are not hot, but instead use a hair dryer to add the heat, most of the time. They are relatively easy to use, and you get phenomenal long lasting results from both methods.

Hair Curling Tools for Voluminous Hair

Curls can make your hair look fuller. Whether you like tight curls or loose waves, tools like flat irons or curling irons can help you get the style you want and add volume. I’ve made lots of tutorials on different curly styles, from beachy waves to big bouncy curls. See my Youtube Channel.

Heatless Curls for Fluffy Hair

Staying away from heat can prevent hair damage. You can use braids, hair rods, or even cloth strips to get pretty curls without heat. These are called overnight heatless curls. There are a bunch of products out there that can help you get great results. Here’s an article called “Heatless curls: the best and the worst” that tells you all about them.

Top Knot Trick for Overnight Volume

Just like the upside-down drying method, tying your hair in a top knot or ponytail overnight can lift your roots. This gives you more volume in the morning. A couple of tips: use a silk pillow so your hair stays smooth, and don’t tie your hair too tight, or it could give you a headache.

Crimping for Root Volume

Crimping your hair at the roots, hidden under the top layer, can instantly boost your hair’s volume. There’s a special tool for this called Valoom. Check out the pros and cons of the Valoom hair tool.

Using the Right Hair Products for More Volume

Hair sprays, mousses, and gels can really help your hairstyle last. Choose lightweight formulas that won’t make your hair heavy. These products are especially good when you style your hair with heated tools, as they help keep your style in place longer.

Be Careful with Teasing Your Hair

Teasing is an old way to get more hair volume. It works, but be gentle to avoid damaging your hair. Use a fine-tooth comb and be careful. If you have fragile Hair I would not recommend using it because you can really damage your hair with it.

Diet and Hair Health for Fluffy Hair

Eating foods with omega-3s, proteins, and antioxidants can make your hair healthier. Foods like salmon, nuts, and berries are good for your hair. If you’re thinking about taking vitamins like biotin or folic acid for your hair, talk to a doctor or nutritionist first. I had to take some vitamins for my hair after I had my baby.

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Start in the shower with shampoos and conditioners made to give you more volume. They have special ingredients like panthenol and wheat protein. These shampoos coat your hair and can make it look fuller. But remember, everyone’s hair is different, so you might need to try a few to see what works best for you.

Boost Your Hair Volume with Sprays

Texture sprays or dry shampoos are great for adding volume. They contain stuff like talc or silica that helps lift your hair. These products also make your hair easier to style. They are great on days when you don’t wash it because they absorb the extra oil and help lift the hair off the scalp. And they are great on freshly washed hair because the hair is too smooth and wants to lay flat. Who knew!


How To Get Fluffy Voluminous Hair
How To Get Fluffy Voluminous Hair

For all of my favorite hair tools (rated ****4.5+), check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Hair Tools For Any Job.

Conclusion: Fluffy Hair is Easy to Get!

Getting fluffy hair is all about using the right products, trying different techniques, and taking care of your hair. With these tips, you’ll be able to get more volume and enjoy your fluffy hair every day. So, whenever you wonder how to get fluffy hair, just look back at this guide. I hope it’s helpful.

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