Unless you were born with thick coarse hair, I’m sure you had days you wished for more hair volume? Only Everyday! So, if your strands have felt a little lifeless lately, fret not. Today, we’re offering a comprehensive guide on how to add hair volume, ensuring every day feels like a good hair day. We’re going to start from the shower, go through helpful hair tools, some quick and easy techniques, and end with a diet.

Different ways how to add hair volume

There are big variety of hair products on the market. I’m going to mention a few. Moving forward to some hair tools that can help instantly. Many people have damaged hair and would love no heat method(s). We got that. Also, as I have experienced with postpartum, there are time when we loose hair and need dietary or nutritional help. I have a few words on that. Before we start here is a great video with visual application of some of these hair volumizing techniques.

How to Add Hair Volume

The Upside-Down Blow Dry Technique

This technique isn’t just a whimsical approach; it works due to gravity. Drying upside down encourages the roots to stand away from the scalp, offering a voluminous start. The way this volumizing method works is by having the heat lock the hair in place while it’s away from he scalp. This is similar to when you style your hair using any heated hair tool or hair iron. With this hair method, it’s just toned down a bit because the air is not as hot as the hair irons. This is an old hair volume technique that has being passed on through generations.

And, if you are in the market for a great hair dryer that will last you for many year – here is a list of the best hair dryers on the market.

Best Performer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Gama hair dryer

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Best Dyson Dupe

Ion Airstyler Review

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Hair Styling/Volumizing Tools

With the modern age came a lot of advancements in hair technology. You all know about the explosive Revlon One-Step Styler. It has being the hair volumizing tool for a decade now. In the luxury department, we have the Dyson Airwrap Volumizing brush to create that volume as you dry the hair. These tools come equipped with technology to styles and provide volume for your hair. The more advanced hair tools also protects your hair from excessive heat damage.

Best Styler

New Dyson Airwrap Hair Styling System

:Dyson Airwrap

Price: $599.99

Cheaper Option

Shark FlexStyle Hair Styler

:Shark Flexstyle

Price: $299.99

Best Dupe

Ion Airstyler Review

:Ion Luxe Autowrap

Price: $149.99

The Art of the Round Brush Blowout

Blow-drying with a round brush not only adds volume but also provides a smooth finish and reduces frizz. The bristles lift hair at the roots while the hot air shapes them, adding both volume and shine. This is what the round brush was created for. That why there is the ’round brush routine’.

Here are some great round brush options to consider. Ionic brushes are great for smoother finish. If you have fragile hair, you might want to take a look at a more gentile options.

Best Ionic for Shine

Olivia Garden hair Brush

:Olivia Garden Hair Brush

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Best For Fragile Hair

Tangle Teezer round brush

:Tangle Teezer Blow Drying Brush

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Best Amazon Pick

Osensia Brush

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Easiest Hair Volume Hack – Change Your Hair Parting Line

Hair tends to flatten when accustomed to one style. By changing your hair parting line, you’re effectively lifting hair away from the scalp, giving an immediate hair volume boost. By changing your hair parting line every so many days your hair will be more lifted with more volume on daily basis. For example, If you like to part your hair to the left, change it to the right. You will be surprised how well this ‘How To add Hair Volume’ trick works.

Rolling Back the Years with Hot Rollers

Hot rollers might remind you of your grandma’s beauty routine, but they’ve evolved over the years. Modern rollers have more technology in them, releasing the heat at different rates. They can be more gentler on hair and create both curl and volume that last longer. Check out this video on how to use them.

Hot ‘How To Add Hair Volume’ Tip – Hair Curling Tools

Curls can add depth and dimension. Whether you prefer tight ringlets or loose waves, tools like flat irons or curling irons can cater to your desired style, adding hair volume in the process. I have made many tutorials on how to do many different styles from beachy waves to tight curls, to big bouncy waves.

Heatless ‘How To Add Hair Volume’ Tip

Avoiding heat reduces the risk of hair damage. Using hair braids, hair rod, or even cloth strips can yield beautiful, natural-looking curls without any heat. We are talking about overnight heatless curls. There are so many hair products on the market to achieve great results. Here is an article on how well these methods work – “Heatless curls: the best and the worst.”

Here are the Best Heatless Curls Options.

Easiest Heatless Curler

Heatless curls silk ribbon

:Silk Rod

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Best Flexible Option

Flexi Rods before


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Best Curls

Curlformers on Short Hair


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The Secret Lift of the Top Knot

Much like the upside-down drying technique, an overnight top knot or ponytail lifts roots away from the scalp, ensuring a voluminous result the next morning. A few point to consider when doing this method. One, use a silk pillow so that the hair is smoother and you don’t create weird creases. Second, don’t over tighten the ponytail or the top knot because it might give you a headache.

Crimping: The Root Boosting Trick

Hair crimping at the roots remains concealed beneath the top layer, acting as a scaffold and boosting overall hair volume instantly. There is a tool that was made exactly for this purpose called Valoom. See the pros and cons for the valoom hair tool.

Setting the Stage with Volume Products

Hair Sprays, mousses, and gels can solidify your hair style. Opt for lightweight formulas that don’t weigh hair down. You can even use these when styling the hair with heated tools to lock the style in for longer period of time.

The Teasing Technique: A Word of Caution

One of the oldest How To Add Hair Volume tricks is teasing the hair. While effective, excessive teasing can damage hair. Use a fine-tooth comb and be gentle to avoid hair breakage.

How To Add Hair Volume using Diet and Hair Health

Incorporating omega-3s, proteins, and antioxidants in your diet can promote hair health. Foods like salmon, nuts, and berries are not only delicious but also beneficial for your locks.

Hair Vitamins: Are They the Answer?

While the jury is still out, many swear by vitamins like biotin or folic acid for improved hair health. Consult with a nutritionist or doctor before introducing any supplements into your diet. From my experience, I had to take some vitamins for my postpartum hair loss.

Use Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

For How To Add Hair Volume tip no.1 we go to the shower. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners are formulated with specific ingredients, such as panthenol and wheat protein. These shampoos coat hair and can help strand look more coarse, giving the illusion of fuller hair. However, this will not solve the underlying hair issue(s). I personally do not like to have my hair coated too much because it can weight the hair down. Furthermore, the hair does need to breath. But, sometimes we do need that extra help – its worth a try because everybody has different chemistry (as you know I experiment a lot with hair products and hair tools).

Volume Boost Sprays – The Ultimate Hair Pick-me-up

Beyond absorbing oil, texture sprays or dry shampoos contain talc or silica, which does boost hair volume. These products create a matte finish and add grip, making hair easier to style and manage. These are also great on that 2nd and 3rd day hair to refresh and lift the hair.


Achieving voluminous hair is a blend of the right products, techniques, and overall hair care. Armed with these tips, adding hair volume will no longer feel like a distant dream but an achievable reality. So, when pondering how to add hair volume, use this guide as your go-to resource, and flaunt those voluminous locks with pride!

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