Unlock the potential of your beauty with Eyeliner Techniques For Downturned Eyes. This guide is crafted to showcase the unique techniques, offering tailored eyeliner and mascara tips. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned makeup lovers, we’ll explore innovative ways to enhance and transform your eye makeup. Get ready to experiment and express yourself through the art of makeup.

From Down turned to Almond Eyes

What are Downturned Eyes?

Downturned eyes are a distinctive eye shape characterized by the outer corners of the eyes angling downwards towards the cheekbones, rather than being level or angling upwards. This eye shape can give a gentle, approachable, and sometimes melancholic expression to the face.

In terms of makeup application, individuals with downturned eyes often employ techniques to lift and balance their appearance, such as applying eyeliner or eyeshadow in a way that lifts the upper outer corners of the eyes. This eye shape is just one of the many variations in human facial features and is celebrated for its unique beauty. Like all eye shapes, down-turned eyes contribute to the diversity of human appearances and can be found in people from various ethnic and genetic backgrounds.

Downturned Eyes Chart

Downturned Eyes chart

There are degrees of downturned eyes. The main contributors to the the look are: 1. Heavy Downward angle of the eye shape; 2. Outer corner is lower than inner corner. You could have one or the other geometric feature and still have the allusion of downturned eyes. One other physical feature that can exaggerate this look are the hooded eyes. They can put more emphasis on the downward outer-slope of the eyes. Check this video tutorial out for eyeliner for hooded eyes.

How To Apply Makeup for Downturned Eyes

Let’s say you wanted to change the allusion of your eyes. You want to look more aggressive. Great news! Makeup can change the look of any type of eye drastically.

The important point to remember before trying any of the makeup methods. First, you want to lift the outer corner of the eye. Second, reducing the downward angle of the eye is paramount. If you go in with this philosophy, it will be easier to understand the techniques, and it will help you understand what else you could do.

SO! Here we are. These’re some popular makeup methods and products that can be used for downturned eyes.

  • First, you can use eyeliner and create a different shape for the downturned eyes.
  • Second, you can apply mascara to reduce downward angle significantly.
  • Third, applying eyeshadow can further bring the allusion of a feline or cat-like eyes.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

Can you lift outer corner of the eye? How do you reshape the eye?

So, here we are standing with the task of ‘how to lift downturned eyes?’ Fortunately, eyeliner is one of the simplest ways to change the shape of the eye. Again, it’s about the allusion. So, how do you lift the outer corner of the eye? You draw it! Here is a quick illustration of one of the ways how to do it. Again, this is not the only way.

Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes Chart

There are few things to take note of:

  1. By putting the eyeliner on the bottom of the eye, the outer corner of the eye is lifted from the bottom.
  2. By drawing the corner higher, the corner of the eye is lifted even higher
  3. Next, by drawing the corner of the eye higher, the downward angle is reduced significantly.
  4. There is a bonus down below, on what else can be done with an eyeliner

The next step is just as easy, if not easier than the eyeliner. Using mascara properly will add to the allusion of lifting the eyes. That coming right up in the next section.

How to Apply Mascara

Just like using eyeliner for downturned eyes, you can use mascara to change the shape of your eyes. Using mascara you can further lift the outer corner of the eyes. However the application will be a bit different because we are trying to change the shape of the eyes. Let’s look at the illustration of the technique and note a few observation.

Mascara for Downturned Eyes chart

What you are trying to do with mascara is lift outer side of the eye and lower the inside of the eye. So, you have to apply the mascara a bit differently:

  1. We have to curl the outer lashes (it’s ok if the inner lashes are curled as well). This will provide the illusion of lifting the eye. If the lashes are straight, the illusion of lifting will not be there.
  2. Apply mascara to the outer lashes, leave the inner lashes without mascara. This it part of crating the illusion of lifting the out corners of the eye.
  3. We suggest leaving the bottom lashes alone, no mascara. Or, apply only to the outer corner. Play around with it.

Bonus Eyeliner Technique For Downturned Eyes.

You might have noticed that I have started to incorporate eyeliner into waterline of the eye. This will further lower one end, and lift the other end. See the illustration below.

Waterline Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes chart

Tight-lining the water line will further lift or lower the corners of the eye. Here is where I recommend to place the eyeliner. By placing the black eyeliner into lower outer corner, you will lift that corner up. On the other side of the waterline, placing a white eyeliner will lower that corner, making the outer corner seem higher. If you notice, after applying the makeup and eyeliner, the eye shape look more like an almond shape. Phenomenal transformation.

Similar thing can be done on the upper lid. Place while eyeliner below the lashes on the outer corner. This will lift the outer corner. I hope you see the philosophy that I’m following to reshape and lift the downturned eyes.

Eyeshadow to Change the Eye look

You can follow similar philosophy with eyeshadows to change the way eyes look, even downturned and/or hooded eyes. Eyeshadows are such a big subject and deserves a separate post on it. So, keep an eye out for it.

Products We Recommend

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In conclusion, downturned eyes possess a unique and captivating beauty that stands out in the diverse spectrum of eye shapes. The techniques presented here, particularly focusing on “Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes,” are designed to inspire creativity. We hope you find these methods both helpful and inspiring as you explore the art of makeup. Remember, the world of makeup offers a myriad of possibilities to alter and accentuate your look. Whether it’s through the strategic application of eyeliner, the volumizing touch of mascara, or the expressive hues of eyeshadows, there’s always room for creativity. Your downturned eyes are a canvas for expression, and with tools like eyeliner, you can craft looks that range from subtly elegant to boldly dramatic. Embrace the versatility of your eye shape and let your creativity lead the way in discovering the many ways makeup can transform your appearance.

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