Instant Age Rewind covers dark circles and helps the under eye area appear brighter and smoother. It's the best drugstore concealer.



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  • Lightweight
  • Smooth finish
  • Covers dark circles
  • Brightens under the eyes
  • Can be worn alone or with other base products


  • Messy applicator


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind covers dark circles and helps the under eye area appear brighter and smoother. It’s the best drugstore concealer.

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind covers dark circles and smooths skin.

It never gets old to find affordable, high quality makeup products. I love to scope out the deals at Amazon, Ulta, Target, and the drugstore, to name a few. I often hear from others that they do the same. And one of the questions I most get asked is, “What’s the best drugstore concealer?” That’s a tough one!

One product that has made a big impression on the market is the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer. It’s not brand new, but hype has followed it since it hit the scene. This interestingly packaged potion is a creamy fix for under the eyes if you need more sleep or have hereditary darkness. I personally don’t know another mom who doesn’t love a few extra winks of shuteye or a little dab of concealer when that’s not possible. Instant Age Rewind is handy and reliable for the job. The formula is lightweight but buildable, smooth as silk, and nourishing to the delicate skin around the eyes. This is where a lot of us get dry or irritated, or where we have a few things we’d like to iron out!

I’ve tried Instant Age Rewind in the past, but I recently decided to take another look. Maybe I can get this “best drugstore concealer” question answered once and for all! (Or, at least, for now.)

Promises vs. Performance: The best concealer to hide darkness and lines?

Maybelline New York presents some exciting claims about their popular Instant Age Rewind Concealer. It intrigued me to read on their website that this product is a concealer for dark circles and fine lines. I think it’s pretty bold to suggest that a concealer hides lines, so I was eager to test the claim.

In addition to covering darkness and lines, it’s said to be an “Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer,” as part of its lengthy name. Perhaps that’s because it includes ingredients like goji berry and Haloxyl™, peptides commonly found in eye care products for their ability to strengthen the skin. Observing the product page, it’s not apparent to me whether Maybelline directly links these ingredients to the “treatment” properties of the concealer. But that seems a logical correlation.

Very clearly, however, Maybelline promises that Instant Age Rewind “instantly creates a radiant, refreshed looking eye area.” And who doesn’t want that?

I began my test with a gentle twist of the click top, which sent product into the cushy sponge tip applicator. (Like I said, interesting packaging!) It actually reminded me of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer package, only not quite as bougie. If you’re familiar with my “Full Face of LUXURY MAKEUP” video, you know that I love Magic Away Concealer. But the tube? Not as much.

I have similar feelings about the Instant Age Rewind container. Packaging like this can be a little messy, because the click top can make it difficult to control the amount of product dispensed, and I end up with too much concealer in the sponge. This excess sometimes gunks into the cap. Not my fave. However, the Maybelline contraption’s sponge tip did feel soft and comfortable around my eyes.

So, did Instant Age Rewind cover my dark circles and lines?

Comfortable sponges aside, the best thing about this concealer is the coverage. With just a swipe of product from the cushy applicator tip, my hollows appeared smoother and brighter, lifting my whole look without creasing or weighing me down. Darkness and lines were blurred. It was easy to apply, buildable where I wanted it to be, and set to a beautiful natural finish.

Can I just mention once again the coverage? In my “High End vs. Dupe Makeup” video on the Milabu YouTube channel, I recently put this product up against NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which is still one of my favorites. While I wouldn’t consider them dupes because of slight variances in consistency, I was impressed that Instant Age Rewind seemed to provide the most coverage of the two.

This Maybelline concealer is a great no-makeup makeup tool, perfect for when you’re in a hurry and want to quickly zap dark circles. It’s also right for warmer days when you need something lightweight but sturdy. This product won’t slide off or transfer.

Bonus: I have used a fluffy brush to buff the product onto my forehead, nose, and chin for highlight. Some even use various shades as neutralizer or contour.

How It Compares: The best drugstore concealer for dark circles.

If you’re looking for the best drugstore concealer for dark circles, I believe it’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline New York. In my experience, for just under $10 this concealer competes in coverage with high end best sellers. It smooths the eye area with lightweight, opaque pigment, diffusing the look of lines and erasing darkness.

This product has won multiple awards, including the Allure Best of Beauty Award, and it has received endless editorial coverage in outlets from Vogue to People to Southern Living, among others. Beauty editors and everyday makeup wearers alike keep coming back to this great concealer, which has more than 114,000 reviews and a 4.4 rating on

Why? Although this concealer is affordably priced, I think the celebration around it is due to the outstanding performance results it brings.

Advertised Product Highlights

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer


FINISH: Radiant

COVERAGE: Buildable

LONGEVITY: No claims

SKIN TYPE: All skin types


BENEFITS: Creates a radiant and refreshed look in the eye area; Contains goji berry and Haloxyl™

OTHER: Multipurpose product comes in 18 shades, including Neutralizer and Brightener, and can be used as contour


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