MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Longwear Skin-fusing Contour Powder

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Launch Date

  • 2023

New Makeup Overview

The new Makeup Forever Contour Powder will redefine your contour game with its blendable, buildable pigment.

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Makeup Forever Contour Powder Promises To Mimic Natural Shadows

Mastering the art of contouring just got easier with the latest Makeup Forever offering, the Artist Longwear Skin-fusing Contour Powder. The new Makeup Forever Contour Powder promises to effortlessly melt into your skin, adding natural definition and long lasting dimension. With super blendable pigment and a silky, buildable texture, it’s set to redefine how makeup lovers sculpt and enhance their features. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this contour powder, explore its claims, and discuss why makeup lovers are buzzing.

Makeup Forever Contour Powder Highlights

Seamless Blending
Makeup Forever is known for its professional quality products, and the new contour powder is no exception. And the super blendable pigment of their new Makeup Forever Contour Powder ensures that contouring becomes a breeze, whether you’re a makeup novice or an expert.

Buildable Dimension
Contouring is all about achieving that perfect level of definition, and this contour powder delivers with its buildable, intense color payoff. You have the freedom to sculpt your features to your heart’s content, achieving a look that suits your style.

Natural Shades for All Skin Tones
One of the standout features of this contour powder is its shade range. With 5 pro-crafted shades developed to match the natural shadows and contours of most skin tones, you can expect a seamless, flattering finish that doesn’t look out of place.

Things to Watch For

Compatibility with Other Formulas
Makeup lovers often combine different products in their routines, including creams and liquids. It’ll be interesting to see how well this powder contour layering plays with these other formulas.

Texture and Longevity
Contouring products should enhance your features, not settle into lines or exaggerate texture. Makeup lovers will be watching for how this contour powder performs in terms of texture and whether it lives up to its long lasting claim.

What We’re Excited About

Second Skin Contouring
The promise of a skin-fusing contour powder that blends seamlessly and adds long lasting dimension is exciting. Makeup lovers are eager to experience contouring that looks and feels like a second skin, enhancing their natural beauty.

As makeup lovers have awaited the arrival of the new Makeup Forever Contour Powder, and are excited about the potential it holds for elevating their contouring game. With its seamless blending, natural dimension, and an inclusive shade range, it could be the contouring powder they’ve been waiting for.

Advertised Product Highlights

Make Up For Ever Artist Longwear Skin-fusing Contour Powder


FORMULATION: Pressed powder


LONGEVITY: Long lasting

EXTRA BENEFITS: Buildable; Blendable; Matches natural shadows and contours of most skin tones

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Recyclable packaging;  Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates SLS & SLES, triclocarban, triclosan, and contains less than one percent synthetic fragrance

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