L'Oreal Matte Lip Stain Reviews

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Price Category: Value

  • $11.99 Retail

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  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to apply
  • Creamy matte formula
  • Good shade range


  • Not the longest lasting (for a matte lipstick)
  • Doesn’t wear off easily

L’Oreal Matte Lip Stain Review

Looking for an affordable, drugstore lip stain? L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain is a comfortable, long wearing formula that is one of my favorites.

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L’Oreal Matte Lip Stain isn’t perfect, but it’s close.

I’m always on the hunt for affordable dupes for some of my more expensive favorites. There are so many options at the drugstore it can be overwhelming to choose where to even begin. Lip stains are a unique category. They can fall into either the liquid lipstick camp or be a sheer wash of color. I want my lip stains to be comfortable and undetectable on the lips while providing all day wear and rich pigment. Lucky for you, I have found what I deem to be the best drugstore lip stain: L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain. While it’s not perfect, it still performs better than most. Keep reading the review to find out the wins and downfalls of this matte L’Oreal lip stain.

Promises vs. Performance: This drugstore lip stain is Comfortable, matte, and affordable.

L'Oreal Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Lip Stain

This is the first lip stain L’Oreal created and it’s a goodie. Promising weightless, matte color, this lip stain delivers the impact of a liquid lipstick while giving the “no-makeup feel of a lip stain.” L’Oreal says their lip stain has a unique precision applicator that shapes and lines slips for a precise application. The shade range is extensive – ranging from bold reds to wearable pinks and nudes and even some statement purple shades.

My Review Thoughts: L’Oreal Matte Lip Stain

I have a few review thoughts on L’Oreal Matte Lip Stain. I have several of these matte lipsticks in my collection and I do love them, flaws and all. I actually really love the applicator on this lip stain. It reminds me of the YSL Tatouage Couture, which is one of my luxury favorites. This one is a tiny bit smaller though, which helps with a super precise application. It’s stiff and sharp at the tip. I like to apply a second layer of this, but before I do I like to work the first layer in using my finger to pat it in (this also helps remove any excess product).

I would say you get a solid six hours of wear out of this L’Oreal lip stain before you have to reapply it. This lip product is comfortable and doesn’t get dry on the lips. Though, it can cling to dry patches a bit as it wears off. The wear isn’t very even, but it does wear off in a true lip stain fashion: leaving a stain behind. At the end of the day, it is a comfortable wear that wears off almost without realizing. It is super lightweight and layers well. For that, I think this is the best drugstore lip stain. I don’t mind reapplying it since the colors are gorgeous, the formula is beautiful, and it’s easy to layer.

Let’s Review How It Compares: L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte is the best drugstore lip stain.

I love this drugstore lip stain. It isn’t perfect, but it is one of the most comfortable I have found. The formula doesn’t feel heavy or dry on the lips. It stains the lips like a true lip stain does with the color payoff of a liquid lipstick. The colors are gorgeous and highly pigmented, and the applicator makes them a breeze to apply. Though, I will warn you it doesn’t fade the most even. It can cling to dry patches, though it doesn’t get that flaky look that some liquid lipsticks do. Even though wears unevenly, the wear is still comfortable. Between the comfortable formula, the gorgeous colors, and the price (only $11.99!), this drugstore lip stain is a winner in my book.

Milabu Beauty Method: This lip stain offers an easy, precise application.

  1. I like to prep my lips while I do my makeup so that they are nice and hydrated before applying any lip color. e.l.f. Ride or Die ($5) is a great affordable lip balm.
  2. I don’t find that I need to line the lips with this lip stain. But, if you choose, do this now. NYX makes a beautiful lip liner for just $4 at the drugstore.
  3. Starting in the center of your bottom lip, apply the lip stain by flattening the brush along your lips.
  4. To precisely apply in the corners of your lips, use the tip of the applicator. It’s nice and stiff so you can really control where it applies.

Advertised Product Highlights

L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain




LONGEVITY: Long wearing

BENEFITS: Long wearing like a lipstick, comfortable like a lip stain; Wears comfortably

OTHER: Vegan; Comes in over 20 shades


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