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  • $29.99 Retail
  • $15.00 MILABU suggested

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  • Mini size
  • Great for travel


  • Not my favorite heat settings
  • A little rough on my hair
  • Took way too long for the results I wanted
  • Outdated technology

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This mini hair brush straightener is so adorable! I love the packaging and how convenient it is. You could throw it in your purse if you wanted, take it to the gym, or pack it in your carry-on for travel. For just $29, I knew I wanted to test it out for you guys and see how good of a job it does.

It apparently uses Double Negative ion technology to smooth your hair and has dense and anti-scald comb teeth to ensure better contact with hair without scalding the scalp.

Comparison to Standard:

The standard is set by TYMO type of brushes. The new technology in heated brushes has made all the paddle type of heated brushes outdated. Even the best paddle type of brush can not compete with the worst type of TYMO type of heated brush.

This brush is a really great concept, but overall I didn’t find myself blown away by the results it gave. I love the travel friendly and small design and I love that it’s trying to be a 2-in-1 tool. For me though, I would have to go back in with another tool to sleek down the hair and fix up the ends to achieve the silky smooth look I like. It did tug on my hair more than the other two heated hair brushes I tested in the video above, which did add some frizz. I think for the price, if you have thick/coarse/curly hair, this brush might be worth trying, but for me, I will continue to stick with my trusty flat iron 🙂

Product Description:

Today hair straightening brushes are the fad among girls with all hair types. Are you still worry about the flat iron straightener will hurt your hair? If you want try something new and versatile, Liaboe hair straightening brush is ideal for people who prefer a natural healthy look for their hair rather than the poker straight look.

Anti-scald teeth prevent hot surface touching your skin. The surface of the brush is heat resistant to prevent scalding hands. The brush will automatically shut off after 60 minutes without use. Two temperature model suitable for all kinds of hair.

No pain. Compare with other flat iron, when you are using a hair straightener brush you can save yourself from all the painful tugging as the brush tends to run through your hair from the root in a more smooth way.

Super mini size and light weight make it an ideal mate for global travel and business trip. Almost the same size and weight as iPhone 7 plus, you can easily fit it into your handbag and take it out.