Le Volume De Chanel Mascara Reviews

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  • Performance

Price Category: Luxury

  • $38.00 Retail

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  • Intense black pigment
  • Volumizes lashes
  • Lengthens lashes
  • Fans lashes
  • Precise applicator


  • Some product transfer
  • Latex-based formula (if allergic, be cautious)

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara Review

In this review: Le Volume De Chanel Mascara makes a statement by maximizing every eyelash. You’ll get big lash volume and intense pigment to replace your falsies.

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Le Volume De Chanel: The best mascara for a false lash effect?

A natural makeup look? Sure, I want that. But not from every product. For foundation, concealer, and setting powder, I’ll take what allows a natural looking glow over heavy matte concoctions any day. Mascara, however, is different. I have wispy, light colored lashes. The more unnatural lash length, lash volume, and lash darkness I can build up with mascara, the better. And I found a Chanel Mascara that delivers.

Luckily, Le Volume De Chanel is one of the greatest, old school luxury mascaras for creating a false lash level of drama. This is not natural mascara, and sometimes that’s just what I’m going for. The jet black formula fattens at the roots and extends the tips with feathery separation. Using this mascara is a bit like swiping on the glamorous look of silk or faux mink eyelashes from a tube. Let’s review Le Volume De Chanel Mascara.

Promises vs. Performance: This Chanel Mascara gives intensely pigmented, instantly volumized lashes.

Chanel’s webpage for their Le Volume mascara promises an ultra precise and pigmented product that achieves rapid lash volume and length with just one coat. The mascara contains interesting ingredients to help it perform while preserving the integrity of the lashes. These ingredients include “natural waxes” that volumize eyelashes and acacia gum, which “sets and intensifies the curl.” It also contains “film-forming agents” for suppleness and even volume. The exclusive Snowflakes brush combines long and short bristles for an “eye-opening effect.”

My Review Thoughts: Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

When applying the mascara in shade Noir, I notice right away the depth of pigment. It doesn’t give me a natural mascara look, but instead a bold lash statement. I find the bristle-filled applicator (a Chanel exclusive ‘Snowflakes’ brush) to be a great tool for evenly coating and separating my lashes from roots to tips. Its bendiness also helps me easily reach the tiny lashes in my inner eye corners. You know the ones – the ones that always want to escape the spoolie. Chanel’s unique wand leaves no chance of this.

During the review, The end result with Le Volume De Chanel Mascara was beautiful. My eyelashes look thick, dark, long, and feathery with this formula. And, nearly as striking as a great pair of false lashes! I must note, I do prefer the original Le Volume to Le Volume Stretch, because it gives more dramatic results and less transfer.

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Le Volume De Chanel Mascara Reviews

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Our Rating Criteria

Let’s Review How It Compares: Le Volume De Chanel Mascara is Perhaps the best volumizing mascara in luxury.

At the luxury level, this mascara is amazing at providing volumized, long lashes. It provides lashes with volume and length thanks to its Chanel exclusive ‘Snowflake’ brush with a combination of long and short bristles. Given the different size bristles on the wand, you can achieve a precise application no matter the length of your lashes. The intense black pigment can transfer some to the under eye area, but with the effect this mascara gives my lashes, I can over look that. If you want the look of falsies without the effort, this mascara will give it to you. No natural looking lashes around here!

Milabu Beauty Method: False lashes without the effort with this Chanel Mascara!

Want the false lash effect without the effort of applying fake lashes? Chanel Le Volume is the mascara for that.

  1. Prime lashes with Lancome Clis Booster XL ($27).
  2. Lengthen. First, coat the ends of your lashes with mascara.
  3. Define and separate. Begin combing the wand through the middle and ends of your lashes to define and separate.
  4. Volume. Now, begin coming through starting at the root of your lashes.
  5. This mascara gives great pigment in just one coat, but feel free to layer for additional drama.

Tip: This mascara can have some transfer. I recommend setting the under eye area with a powder to help prevent this as much as possible.

Advertised Product Highlights

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

WAND TYPE: Chanel exclusive ‘Snowflakes’ brush combines short and long bristles

SHADE: 10, Noir

COLOR: Black

LONGEVITY: All day wear

BENEFITS: Natural waxes give instant volume; Rapid drying acacia gum sets and intensifies curl; Film-forming agents preserve suppleness and help evenly build volume

OTHER: Chanel recommends prepping with their Nourishing Mascara base for best results


Edited by Maddie and Virginia

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