Lawless One and Done Mascara Review

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Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $25.00 Retail

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  • Buildable formula
  • Natural volume
  • Lengthening
  • Separating and defining
  • Helps lift lashes and hold curl
  • Tip of wand makes it easy to apply to inner corner and reach smaller lashes
  • Long wearing with minimal smudging and transfer


  • Formula can get clumpy on wand (make sure to wipe off excess)
  • Not the best for bottom lashes
  • Can flake

Lawless One and Done Mascara Review

Lawless One & Done Mascara is your natural lashes, but better. In one formula, you get volume, length, lift, and definition. Even better, it has an all day wear.

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Our Rating Criteria

Lawless One & Done Mascara gives me the fluttery lashes of my dreams.

Say hello to wispy, fluttery natural lashes! Lawless One & Done Mascara delivers big results, especially for a clean mascara. I love that this mascara does a little bit of everything. It gives my lashes volume, length, and lift, while still looking natural and wispy. I wasn’t expecting an incredible long wear from One & Done, but its wear surprised me. For a non tubing, non waterproof formula, this one has one of the best wears I’ve come across in a long time. Let’s get into Lawless One and Done Mascara Review.

Promises vs. Performance: For having no long wear claims, this mascara delivers big.

Lawless states that One & Done the “ONE truly clean mascara that does it all.” It is a volumizing, defining, lengthening, and lifting mascara. With the help of the firm bristle elastomer brush, the formula gives instant volume and elongation while the spherical spiky tip helps with styling and separation. It promises an all day wear as well. The formula contains lightweight lacquer tree and rice bran waxes (instead of beeswax!) to help keep lashes lifted. Over time, castor oil and argan oil keeps lashes hydrated and conditioned.

My Review Thoughts: Lawless One and Done Mascara

During the review I noticed that Lawless One and Done Mascara has a bendy, silicone bristled brush with a little spiky ball at the tip of the wand. Interesting. The wand can get clumpy right out of the tube, so I suggest wiping off some of the excess. The separated silicone bristles make it easy to comb through lashes, depositing intense pigment right away for definition. Use the spiky ball on the tip to coat inner corner lashes and shorter, hard to reach lashes. With just one coat, I get beautiful wispy lashes that are lengthened with slight volume. But, don’t let this formula fool you: it can be built and layered to get a dramatic false lash effect with even more volume.

Let me just say, I am super impressed with the wear of this mascara! Though it isn’t waterproof or tubing, the longevity is similar to those that are. It has a waxy, wet formula and, for me personally, these are usually the ones that transfer and smudge. But, One & Done doesn’t. Even on days I don’t set my under eye concealer, it doesn’t smudge or transfer to the lower lash line. I do experience a little bit of flaking with One & Done, but it isn’t anything super noticeable that I can’t gently wipe away throughout the day.

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This Product

Lawless One and Done Mascara Review

:Lawless The One & Done Mascara

Price: $25.00

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Volume, Length, Curl, Define




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Industry Standard

Lash Idole Lancome Mascara

:Lancome Lash Idole Mascara

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Volume, Length, Curl, Define




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Our Rating Criteria

Let’s Review How It Compares: Lawless One and Done is one of the best mascara formulas.

If you want a clean mascara that performs, Lawless One & Done is one to try. It gives length and volume, while separating and defining lashes. The formula can be built up, providing anything from a natural lash look to a false lash effect. What I especially love about One & Done is the wand. It is a bendy, silicone bristled brush that has a little spiky ball at the end. The bristles are separated, making it easy to comb through and separate lashes. Then, the spiky ball on the tip helps reach the inner corners and shorter lashes (and it’s perfect for bottom lashes!). Even better, this mascara wears beautiful with very little smudging and transfer. Though, it can flake a bit, but it is very minimal and not super noticeable.

My holy grail mascara love is Lancome Lash Idole (rated ****4.4). It’s been my one true love since it’s launch in early 2021. The formula gives me the volume, length, curl, separation, and definition I look for in a mascara. Its curved wand makes it easy to comb through lashes, depositing intense pigment at first swipe. I would say Lawless One & Done holds its own next to this top performer, giving just as beautiful of a wear from application to longevity.

For a complete list of our top rated clean formula mascaras (rated ****4.0+), check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘The 6 Best Clean Mascara Formulas That Deliver Big Results.’

Milabu Beauty Method: From natural lashes to a false lash effect, One & Done can do it.

  1. Use your favorite lash curler to ensure maximum lift. I love the Shiseido Eyelash Curler ($23).
  2. Before applying, make sure to remove any excess mascara from the wand. It can be a little clumpy on the wand right out of the tube, so wipe off any excess on the mouth of the tube. Once you’ve done this, you should have a clump free application.
  3. Wiggle the wand through the lashes from roots to tips. Do this as many times as needed to ensure each lash is coated.
  4. Use the spiky ball at the tip of the wand to reach inner corners and shorter lashes.
  5. For my bottom lashes, I like to use the ball at the end to individually coat lashes.
  6. Layer mascara as desired to achieve your look! This mascara can truly do it all. With one coat, you’ll get natural, fluttery lashes. As you build, you’ll get an even more dramatic false lash effect.

Tip: I always recommend setting the under eyes and wearing at least an eye primer on the lids to minimize as much smudging and transfer as possible!

Advertised Product Highlights

Lawless The One & Done Volumizing Mascara

WAND TYPE: Elastomer brush with spherical tip to help with separation

SHADE: Nightlife

COLOR: Rich, velvety black

LONGEVITY: All day wear

BENEFITS: Volumizing; Defining; Lengthening; Lifting; Contains lacquer tree and rice bran waxes to keep lashes looking lifted while castor and argan oils hydrate and condition lashes with continued use

OTHER: Cruelty free; Vegan

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Free of silicones, talc, mineral oil, carbon black, coal tar, formaldehydes, nanoparticles, PEGs, petroleum, parabens, paraffin, phtahaltes, and more

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