Lash Idole Lancome Mascara



Price Category: Pro-Grade

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  • Volumizes
  • Lengthens
  • Separates
  • Doesn’t clump or flake
  • Very black pigment
  • Lasts all day
  • Easily removable


  • Expensive for the amount of product


Lancome mascara is a favorite. Specifically, Lash Idôle. This product’s lifts, separates, and volumizes my lashes for all day, clump free wear. It’s the best!

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Our Rating Criteria

Lancome Mascara: My love affair with Lash Idôle.

Mascara is an indispensable cosmetic product for me. Even on my most minimal makeup days, a quick coat of black lash lacquer is a must. After all, there’s always time for mascara. The right formula perks up my peepers so that my eyes look more open and dressed in long, feathery, fanned out lashes.

What do I reach for? Heaven knows I’ve tried my fair share over the years. Lately, I’m never without a newer formula by luxury beauty giant, Lancôme. Their Lash Idôle Mascara gives me volume, lift, and no-clump wear that even its gorgeous spokesmodel, Zendaya, raves “stays put all day.” It’s one that I just won’t be without.

Promises vs. Performance: Instant lift, length, and volume for your lashes.

Once I got the hang of using it, Lash Idôle was a game changer for me. This Lancome mascara really delivers on its promises, found on the website. The special curved wand has 360 “micro-bristles” that are said to leave no lash behind, instantly lengthening and volumizing even the shortest lashes. It does this while fanning the lashes out and lifting them skyward.

With just one coat of Lash Idôle, which I like to apply after using an eyelash curler, I notice a major difference in the appearance of my eyelashes. My lashes look longer, thicker, and separated. True to brand claims, there is no clumpiness, and the gel formula doesn’t weigh my lashes down. Rather, it lifts them nicely and spreads them out, so that my eyes look more awake and bigger. In my experience, I don’t get flaking or smudging from this mascara. When I start my day wearing this product, by bedtime my lashes still look just as flawless, with only a scant amount of transfer to my upper and lower lids. This is barely noticeable, and it could be due in part to the super length of my lashes these days thanks to my trusty lash serums.

How It Compares: Why Lash Idôle is a top pick.

Quick RATING Rundown

Industry Standard

**** (4.4)

Lash Idole Lancome Mascara
Lancome Lash Idole Mascara

Price: $27 – 0.27 oz

*** (3.9)


***** (5.0)

Volume, Length, Curl, Lift

**** (4.8)


**** (4.5)

Extra Benefits

**** (4.0)

Our Rating Criteria

The name Lancôme has long been synonymous with quality, luxury cosmetics and eye makeup is no exception. Lancôme produces several fantastic mascaras, but my favorite by far is Lash Idôle. The lightweight gel formula applies beautifully with its innovative brush and doesn’t smudge/transfer, clump, flake, or weigh lashes down. It ticks all the boxes, providing ample lift, length, separation, volume, and pigment that lasts all day long. It’s also gentle on eyelashes and super easy to remove with any cleanser and water. Although it’s fairly new to the market, it has quickly become a fan favorite. More than 15 thousand reviewers at Ulta rate it 5 stars, while 90% of Sephora buyers recommend it. This Lancôme mascara is arguably the standard mascara among others in its price range.

If clean beauty is your jam, I also like…

Another mascara I enjoy is ILIA Limitless Lash (rated ****4.3). This is a great product with a cleaner formula, and not-too-wet consistency, which I love. It gives me stunning, long lashes. The brush does have a bit of a learning curve, as it is dual-sided. I also make sure to set my concealer well before using this mascara to ensure minimal transfer. It doesn’t clump or flake, but setting powder keeps it from smudging. Still, the prep is worth it for the long lashes I get with this mascara.

Milabu Beauty Method: My tricks to apply this Lancome mascara.

Here’s how I use the unique, bristle-filled wand of Lash Idôle for perfect looking lashes.

  1. Curl. Position your favorite eyelash curler comfortably close to the lash roots and gently squeeze and release a couple of times to curl the lashes. I love to use this curler by Kevin Aucoin.
  2. Apply the first coat. (If you notice excess product on your brush, first remove it by scarping the brush against the top of the tube.) Start the application at the lash tips. Use the straighter side of the brush to deposit pigment to the tips with the micro-bristles. Then, using the curved side of the brush, comb through from lash middles to tips. Lastly, comb through from lash roots to tips. Repeat on your other eye.
  3. Apply a second coat of mascara to your top lashes using the method of Step 2.
  4. Apply the mascara to the bottom lashes using the curved side of the brush and a light, zigzag motion on the eyelashes, moving from outer to inner corner.

Tip: Use the tip of the brush to easily reach the lashes in the innermost and outermost corners of the eyes, using it to help fan the eyelashes out as you go.

Advertised Product Highlights

Lancôme Paris Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting & Volumizing Mascara

WAND TYPE: Curved brush with 360 micro-bristles

SHADE/COLOR: Glossy black


HIGHLIGHTS: Lengthening, Volumizing, Defining, Lifting

LONGEVITY: 24 hours

BENEFITS: Instant lash lift and volume; Clump free; Lightweight gel formula for feathery soft lashes; Contains white tea extract for antioxidant nourishing effect

OTHER: Oil free


Edited by Virginia