La Prairie Skin Caviar Powder Foundation

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Price Category: Luxury

  • $245.00 Retail

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  • Creamy, silky texture
  • Non drying
  • Doesn’t accentuate fine lines, pores, and texture


  • Price
  • Have to really build to get coverage
  • Very few shades available (only 8)
  • Doesn’t control shine/oil
  • Mirrored packaging gets dirty
  • Heavily fragranced

La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation Review

What I will say is this: La Prairie Skin Caviar is one of the better powder foundations I have used. But, it’s not worth it’s $245 price tag.

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I’m going to nitpick this $245 powder foundation from La Prairie.

If I’m paying $245 for a foundation, it better be perfect, so I’m going to pick apart the Skin Caviar Powder Foundation from La Prairie. The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging: I don’t love it. The mirrored packaging is beautiful, but it gets dirty and covered in fingerprints really easily. The powder is also so finely milled, but that means it powders up really easily and gets all over the compact. I will say, I do appreciate the double mirror! It’s really nice to have a regular mirror and a magnified in the same compact. Let’s start our La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation Review.

Promises vs. Performance: La Prairie Skin Caviar promises all day wear and a flawless complexion.

Skin Caviar from La Prairie “goes beyond mere makeup.” It is infused with Caviar Extract, which is known for its lifting and firming properties. This powder foundation promises to refine skin texture, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing the appearance of pores. La Prairie says Skin Caviar offers a buildable coverage for a matte, luminous, natural looking complexion. In other words, you should look fresh and youthful all day long, as it preserves the level of hydration in your skin.

La Prairie does suggest applying with the included puff or their Powder Foundation Brush ($145). However, for my wear test, I used the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush ($52).

Review Thoughts: La Prairie Skin Caviar Powder Foundation

With most powder foundations, I can see it sitting on my skin right away. I find that sometimes they can cling to anything underneath, whether it’s a primer or just texture. Skin Caviar surprised me. It blended out evenly and easily without clinging to anything on my skin. The coverage definitely isn’t full, and I feel like you have to really pack it on to get fuller coverage. I think the best way to use this product if you’re going for fuller coverage is to start slow and really buff it into your skin. My initial application looked stunning. I felt like my skin looked airbrushed and blurred, yet very fresh and healthy.

Like most powder foundations, the wear was really beautiful for the first six hours or so. But, past that, it really lost its life. It began looking not so airbrushed and was not controlling my shine at all. What did surprise me about this powder foundation is that it didn’t exaggerate my fine lines and texture – on the bottom half of my face. On my forehead, I was super greasy and every bit of texture, lines, and pores were accentuated. What impressed me is that, for a powder foundation, I didn’t look cakey or dry at the end of a full day of wear.

How It Compares: Before spending $245 on La Prairie Skin Caviar, check these out.

Let’s chat about the price. Skin Caviar is one of the more beautiful powder foundations I have ever used. However, I don’t think I will be repurchasing this one, and I’m not going to suggest running out to grab it immediately. It’s not a product that is for everyone. Though, I am excited to keep playing with it since I have it in my collection! I don’t typically enjoy how powder foundations wear on my skin, but I did quite enjoy this one. It didn’t settle into my lines or exaggerate any texture. The application was easy and the wear was comfortable. I did get quite shiny on my forehead, and I will say the wear does start to go downhill after the six hour mark (as does the wear of most powder foundations).

If you are on the hunt for a pressed powder foundation, I can recommend you a cheaper one that still performs great: Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin. Coming in six times cheaper at $38, this is a solid option for those looking for a pressed foundation.

Milabu Beauty Method: Here’s my best tips for applying powder foundation.

  1. I find using a gripping primer underneath powder foundations gives the best results. One like Benefit Porefessional ($32) also helps to fill in lines and pores for a smooth base.
  2. Take a dense brush and dip it in to the powder to pick up product. My holy grail complexion brush is this one from Bobbi Brown ($52).
  3. Begin applying the foundation working in thin layers. I find it best to start slowing and build up coverage with powders.
  4. Buff the foundation in circular motions to warm up the powder. This helps it spread more evenly.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to build coverage. To build coverage in specific areas, you stamping motions to press the powder into your skin.

Advertised Product Highlights

La Prairie Skin Caviar Powder Foundation

SHADE/COLOR: NC-10 Porcelain blush

FORMULATION: Pressed powder

FINISH: Natural matte; Luminous

COVERAGE: Buildable

LONGEVITY: All day wear

SKIN TYPE: All skin types


BENEFITS: Compact comes with both a regular and magnifying mirror; Formula contains Caviar Extract, which is known for its lifting and firming properties; Creamy, silky texture; Sets to a cashmere-soft finish

OTHER: Available in only 8 shades


Edited by Maddie

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