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Price Category: Value

  • $90.00 Retail

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  • Mid-range price
  • One-pass results
  • Can create multiple styles
  • Hair does not get caught or snag
  • Even heat distribution
  • Floating plates that auto-adjust to different hair textures
  • 4 heat settings up to 440°F
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes


  • Can be a bit frizzy when used to create waves/curls


This Kristin Ess flat iron gives great results on a budget. Rounded, titanium plates allow for even heat and the creation of multiple hairstyles.

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If you’re new to hair tools, this Kristin Ess flat iron is a great place to start.

Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess had a simple goal when creating her hair brand: curating a line of affordable, lux haircare and styling products that anyone can purchase. And not only are they affordable, but they’re also accessible, found at retailers like Target and Ulta. One of my favorite hairstyling tools from her line is the 3-in-One Flat Iron. Kristin Ess says she created this flat iron specifically because she could never find one that did everything she liked. So, she made one that had all of her favorite features and allows multiple hairstyles to be created using one tool. And, I must say: Ms. Kristin Ess did a great job with this affordable flat iron.

Promises vs. Performance: Titanium plates provide even heat distribution and less frizz.

3-in-One Kristin Ess Flat Iron features 1 1/4″ floating plates made of titanium that help reduce frizz and enhance shine. The plates are infused with gold metal temperature sensing rapid heat technology to deliver more even heat faster, resulting in longer lasting styles. Not only do the floating plates adjust to hair texture, preventing snagging, but the rounded design help create polished, crease-free styles. The hair straightener has a digital display with 4 pre-set temperatures (up to 440°F) to customize your styling. And, we love the auto shut-off after 30 minutes for peace of mind!

My personal thoughts.

Okay guys, I’m impressed with the 3-in-One Kristin Ess Flat Iron. Let’s start with the packaging: it’s functional, simple, and sleek. Honestly, the design reminds me a lot of T3, but dare I say this one is better? It has a digital screen that easily tells you exactly what temperature you have the hair tool set to, which the T3 doesn’t. I like to use my tools around the 350°F mark, but you have the option to go from 280°F to 440° depending on your hair texture and needs.

Now, the performance. I’ve used this hair straightener plenty of times, to create both straight and curly hairstyles. It does both really well, especially for the price. The plates glide through the hair smoothly when straightening or curling, without snagging and getting caught. I tested this flat iron one-to-one against the Kristin Ess Curling Iron for Beach Waves, and, the resulting curls were nearly identical. I will say, the straightener side did have a bit more frizz, but I do think a hair serum would help smooth it out. Whether straightened or curled, the results last without need for product (on my hair type), and still look good second day.

For just $90, I’m impressed with this hair tool. Is it as good as my beloved Bio Ionic 10X or Dyson? Not quite, but it holds its own considering its price point. If you’re just getting into styling your hair or aren’t very savvy when it comes to hair tools, this is a great beginner friendly hair tool for straightening and curling.

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:Kristin Ess 3-in-One Flat Iron

Price: $90.00









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:Bio Ionic 10X 1″ Styling Iron

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:Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Price: $499.00









Our Rating Criteria

How It Compares: Great results at a fraction of the cost.

For the price, the performance of Kristin Ess 3-in-One Flat Iron can’t be beat. The titanium plates deliver even heat distribution for faster, more even styling and true one-pass results. The flexing plates auto-adjust to hair texture for smoother styling without snags or creases. This hair tool makes it easy to achieve multiple styles, whether straight, curly, or wavy. You can really customize your hairstyle with the 4 temperature settings up to 440°F depending on your hair texture, whether you color/bleach your hair, or you just don’t like high heat.

Now, let’s compare the Kristin Ess flat iron to my two favorite hair straighteners: Bio Ionic 10X and Dyson Corrale. Even though these are in different price categories, I want to compare because the results of the 10X and Corrale are truly unparalleled. Both the Dyson and Bio Ionic straighteners allow you to create multiple hairstyles (from straight to curly) and deliver one-pass results. Bio Ionic 10X sits at $239 and, what really sets it apart is their proprietary blend of Natural Volcanic Rock and ceramic mineral complex to lock in moisture for healthier hair. In addition, the 10X features vibrating plates that create increased surface contact for faster styling.

What sets the Dyson Corrale apart from both of these is the cord-free design and flex plates that help gather and guide hair, keeping it together from root to tip as you style. Corrale gives the most consistent results and its technology just can’t be beat.

Which hair straightener to choose?

If you’re new to styling your hair or on a budget, Kristin Ess 3-in-One is a great option. At $90, you get a flat iron that rivals the performance of higher-end hair tools. The user-friendly tool allows you to easily create multiple hair styles.

For even more control and better results, Bio Ionic 10X is the perfect mid-range hair straightener. This flat iron is perfect for pros or novices as it is quite easy to use and delivers consistent results. You can create multiple hair styles with ease and it’s one of the fastest stylers with its unique vibrating plates. If you have harder to straighten hair, like fast results, or are looking for an upgrade, Bio Ionic 10X is a great pick.

The holy grail of hair straightening tools is the Dyson Corrale. The most pricey of the bunch, but it is worth it for someone who straightens/styles their hair daily. Its intelligent heat control ensures the temperature never exceeds the heat setting you have selected. The flex plates are what make this hair tool really special. They move as you style, shaping to gather hair, keeping it together for excellent styling results. Plus, it has a cord-free design for easy styling.

For all of my favorite hair tools (rated ****4.5+), check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Hair Tools For Any Job.

Advertised Product Highlights

Kristin Ess 3-in-1 Titanium Flat Iron

TECHNOLOGY: Sonic vibrating plates; Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology; Natural Volcanic Rock; Auto shut-off after 1 hour; Swivel cord

TEMPERATURE CONTROL/RANGE: Digital control up to 450°


MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Natural Volcanic Rock combined with Bio Ionic proprietary ceramic mineral complex

POWER: 110V dual voltage

SIZE & WEIGHT: 10oz (not including cord); 9 ft cord length

Edited by Maddie

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