IT Cosmetics CC Cream foundation Review

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IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review

You’ll get heaps of benefits from this one: hydrating full coverage, antiaging ingredients, and SPF 50 sun protection. It’s a keeper!

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IT Cosmetics CC Cream: A natural look with multiple benefits.

When Jamie Kern Lima couldn’t find beauty products to help with her sparse brows or facial redness, she teamed up with experts who helped her create them. This is how the cosmetics empire of IT Cosmetics came about. The beloved brand is known for products with ingredients that are not only kind to every type of skin, but that are big time problem solvers. The Universal Brow Pencil, Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, and CC Cream+ are all among It’s top selling products. When it comes to the CC, I can see why. It’s a multipurpose hero for lazy days when you want even, glowing skin in just one step. Let’s review IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review.

Promises vs. Performance: IT Cosmetics CC Cream is a 7-in-1.

The IT Cosmetics website boasts a CC cream developed by dermatologists and plastics surgeons. Well, these brilliant minds have packed a ton of skin solutions into one standout face base. This product is said to provide full coverage, color correction, antiaging hydration, pore priming, dark spot concealing, day cream moisturizing, and SPF 50. Whew! I’d be impressed if it did even half of these things.

My Review Thoughts: IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I did a fist impression video of this CC Cream back in 2016 on the Milabu Channel and I still reach for it. But here are the highlights from my initial wear test. (Note: The brand now offers this product in a tube versus the cushion compact it came in when I first tested it.)

I applied the IT Cosmetics CC Cream to my entire face, using both a sponge applicator and the brand’s Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7 ($49). The brush definitely yielded more coverage and was my preferred method. It gave me medium to full coverage with little effort, even making great improvement to the darkness under my eyes. The product all but erased my redness and spots, as claimed, and the finish was natural and lifelike. As a bonus, this CC felt great on my skin. It was hydrating without looking shiny and it lasted all day (at least eight hours).

Could it be touched up? You bet! Even on top of setting powder (this one by Rimmel London, $4.92), the CC cream applied beautifully to certain spots that faded after several hours. All of this, along with excellent SPF coverage, and I was ready to sing this CC’s praises.

How It Compares: IT Cosmetics CC Cream is Queen.

For coverage, protection, and nourishment for your skin, IT Cosmetics is the standard among all professional grade CC creams. This luxuriously lightweight concoction covers everything from scarring to redness to pores while pampering the face and combatting aging with ingredients like collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins. Not to mention that it provides a large dose of SPF to keep sun damage at bay. No wonder it’s the bestselling CC cream in America. As the brand claims, it truly is, “One step for instant complexion perfection!”

Milabu Beauty Method: Get natural looking coverage all day.

Applying IT Cosmetics CC Cream is easy. A brush, sponge, or fingers all work great. But how do you make that smooth, even complexion last all day? Here are my tips.

  1. Try a foundation primer. Although this CC cream claims to act as a pore minimizing makeup base, I have used it with a separate primer. I currently love something like the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer ($34) because it is also dewy and natural.
  2. Add setting powder. Apply this to the areas where you need maximum lasting power and shine control, like under the eyes, around the nose, on the chin, and in the T-zone. Besides the Rimmel London powder I mention above, I also like True Match Super Blendable Powder ($9.99) by L’Oréal.
  3. Don’t be afraid to touch it up. Even if you layer this CC cream with other base, setting, or color pigment products, you can still go back in with more CC if you coverage should fade. Miraculous!

Advertised Product Highlights

IT Cosmetics CC Cream+ with SPF 50+


FINISH: Natural


SKIN TYPE: All skin types


BENEFITS: Combines skin serum, full coverage foundation, and sun protection; Contains peptides, niacin, antioxidants, and collagen to nourish skin and fight aging.

OTHER: Developed with dermatologists and plastic surgeons; Available in 12 shades


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