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  • Overall

Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $21.00 Retail

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  • Very pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • Not patchy
  • Creamy power texture
  • Does not accentuate imperfections (texture, dryness, pores, lines)


  • Not a huge shade range

Huda Beauty GloWish Blush Review

A long wearing blush color, Huda Beauty GloWish Cheeky gives cheeks a radiant glow with buildable pigment for all day, vivid cheeks.

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Huda Beauty GloWish Cheeky Vegan has a blush color for all skin tones.

GloWish Cheeky Blush has an interesting, marbled formula. The texture is soft and silky with a slight radiance to the pigment. But, the marbled formula makes me question how seamless this blush will apply and if it will be patchy with spots of dark and light pigment mixed in. I’m also super intrigued by the transfer proof claims. Will this blush apply and wear well? I hope so, because the colors are gorgeous. Let’s dive into Huda Beauty GloWish Blush Review.

Promises vs. Performance: A transfer proof, radiant blush color.

GloWish Cheeky Vegan Blush is 90% naturally derived, free of irritants like fragrance and talc, and protects against blue light. Coming in four shades, the silky, velvety blush has a marbled formula that gives all skin tones a natural flush of color and soft-focus, radiant glow. The pigment is buildable, non-powdery, and skin blurring. Containing antioxidants such as Damascus rose oil, red bell pepper extract, plant-derived squalene, shea butter, and vitamin E, this blush nourishes and soothes skin for a comfortable wear. Best of all, it features a 12 hour, transfer proof wear.

My Review Thoughts: Huda Beauty GloWish Blush

Out of the four shades available, I picked up Caring Coral, a mid toned rosy coral. I’m intrigued that this range only has four shades that promise to be universally flattering on all skin tones. Because of this, the blush is pigmented and delivers buildable color. It swirls onto the apples of the cheeks easily and smoothly without being patchy or accentuating any imperfections or skin texture. I would agree with the long wearing claims. During the review I found this Huda Beauty GloWish Blush color to keep my cheeks looking vivid all day.

What’s neat about this blush is it can look different on all skin tones because of the marbled, swirled formula. Depending on if you pick up more darker or lighter pigment, it can change the shade slightly.

How It Compares: It’s good, but it isn’t the best blush.

The review would not be complete without comparing Huda Beauty GloWish Blush to top contenders. With only four shades available, I have to knock a star off for this blush color. Huda Beauty’s GloWish Cheeky Blush has a silky, velvet texture that blends easily and seamlessly onto cheeks. It is nondrying and comfortable to wear all day. My cheeks stayed bright, vivid, and glowy for the 12 hours promised.

However, there is better blush out there. NARS Blush takes the win for best blush in prograde beauty, in my opinion. Coming in 26 shades and multiple finishes, there truly is a shade for everyone. Whether you choose the universally flattering shade ‘Orgasm’ or another, you’re sure to love the blendable, finely milled powder of NARS Blush. It is more expensive at $32 versus $21 for the Huda Beauty blush, but you get double the amount of product (.16oz versus .08oz).

Advertised Product Highlights

Huda Beauty GloWish Cheeky Vegan Blush Powder

SHADE: 02 Caring Coral

COLOR: Mid toned rosy coral

FORMULATION: Pressed powder

FINISH: Radiant

COVERAGE: Buildable

LONGEVITY: 12 hour wear

BENEFITS: Blends seamlessly; Silky, velvet texture; Non drying; Blurring; Transfer proof; Infused with antioxidants and skin loving ingredients, such as Damascus rose (soothes, clarifies, and locks in moisture), red bel pepper extract (protects against blue light), plant-derived squalane (locks in moisture and prevent fine lines and wrinkles), shea butter (smoothing and conditioning), vitamin E (moisturizing and soothing)

OTHER:  Cruelty free; Vegan; Noncomedogenic; Comes in FSC-certified and recyclable packaging; Compact is made from 30% post-consumer recycled material

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Free of fragrance and talc; 90% naturally derived

Edited by Maddie

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