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  • $39.89 Retail

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  • Smooth through the hair
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not a single pass
  • Doesn’t create a sleek finish

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I tested the number one rated flat iron or hair straightener on Amazon that has over 28,000 reviews and counting and it’s only $36.99! I wanted to see why it is so highly rated. Of course, I compare it to two there flat irons that are within the price range to see which one is really best.

Comparison to Standard:

Overall, this tool worked really well! Is it the best flat iron I’ve tried in this price range? No… As you saw in the video, I compared the H.S.I. flat iron to a cheap Revlon and the Conair Infiniti Pro ($44.99).

The Conair flat iron was ultimately better with one pass and even smoother going through the hair than the H.S.I. and left the ends sleek and straight. The H.S.I. was also really smooth, but it took several passes to achieve an even result and I had to use it on the highest temperature setting. 

It did a great job curling, but still not quite as effortless as the Conair.

Really smooth for curling but not quite as effortless as the Conair

Overall, I recommend the Conair over this tool. It does a good job but there are better flat irons on the market for this price.

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