Here at Milabu Co., we take a lot of consideration when testing products, past the simple “is it good or not?” We’ve developed our own rating systems to reflect what we think are the most important elements when considering if a product is good or not. The most important element is if a product meets its claims. Brands can claim what they want, but will the product actually deliver? We strive to be unbiased in our ratings and test products thoroughly to get a full picture of the performance. Do keep in mind what works or doesn’t work for us, might be a bit different for you. That’s why we keep our ratings based on performance and state our opinions clearly.

Because the makeup world is full of so many different products, we have developed rating charts for different categories, to include Face Bases, Complexion Enhancers, Mascara, Eye Color, Lips, and more. Our ratings are subject to change as new products enter the beauty market and as technology develops.

At the end of the day, makeup is meant to be fun! The beauty community is always growing and there is an overwhelming amount of products going viral. We’re here to get straight to the point with you (and your dollars) in mind.


VALUE ***** (1.0 – 5.0)

This is the price for the amount of product. Is it worth it’s price tag? The average amount is 0.3 fl oz / 9 mL.

* (1 – 2)

Outrageous price for performance and volume. Wasteful packaging



Pro & luxury


*** (2 – 4)

Meets some claims; Priced right for its performance; Average amount of product.


$25 – $15

Pro & luxury

$45 – $30

***** (4 – 5)

Meets all claims; Excellent performance for its price; Functional packaging


$15 – $5

Pro & luxury

$30 – $15

APPLICATION ***** (1.0 – 5.0)

Is the formula opaque? How easy is it to build without clumping? More than 2 coats to achieve results? Is the wand/brush easy to use?

*** (1 – 3)

Takes more than 2 coats to achieve pigment; clumpy/messy results; wand/brush is difficult to use; doesn’t meet formula claims such as volume, length, curl, and/or lift

**** (3 – 4)

Takes 2 coats to achieve pigment; not clumpy; brush/wand is easy to use; most formula claims are met

***** (4 – 5)

Takes 1 – 2 light coats to achieve pigment; brush/wand is foolproof; all claims are met for formula; lashes stay curled after application


Does the mascara do what it’s supposed to do?

*** (1 – 3)

Hard to achieve volume with multiple coats; curl drops immediately; minimal length; minimal definition

**** (3 – 4)

Achieve volume with two coats; curl can drop after several hours; can achieve length with two coats; can achieve definition with one two coats

***** (4 – 5)

Achieve volume with one coat without clumpy results; curl doesn’t drop and lashes stay lifted; one coat to achieve length; one coat to achieve definition

LONGEVITY ***** (1.0 – 5.0)

Does it meet product wear time? If it’s a long wear promise, does it wear for at least 8 hours? Free of fall out/flaking, smudging, transferring, drying out, lash curl falls out, etc.

* (1 – 2)

< 4 Hours:

** (2 – 3)

4-6 Hours:

*** (3 – 4)

6-10 Hours:

**** (4 – 5)

10+ Hours:

EXTRA BENEFITS ***** (1.0 – 5.0)

This includes claims such as water resistant and/or waterproof, sweat/humidity resistant, transfer proof, flake free, clean formulation, sustainability practices, Ophthalmologist tested, suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers.

*** (>3)

3 benefits or less; Obscure claims such as specific, patented technologies

**** (3 – 4)

Water Resistant; Transfer resistant; Smudge Proof; Flake Free; Sweat/humidity resistant; Unique or specific brush; 2 in 1 mascara; Ophthalmologist tested

***** (4 – 5)

Cruelty free, vegan, and clean ingredients + sustainability practices; Skincare benefits; Plus other benefits

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