Price Category: Luxury

  • $189.00 Retail
  • $99.00 MILABU suggested

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Video Reviews


  • You can achieve different styles with different methods of use
  • Hair looks bouncy and healthy after using


  • Overpriced
  • Too much work and finessing to get a good result
  • Puts a lot of tension on the hair
  • Pulls out a lot of hair

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I tested out a luxury hair volumizing styler tool made by GHD. There are similar hair tools on the market and I have tested a few of them so far.  I tested this hair styler tool to see if it brings something to the table that other similar hair tools do not, being that it costs 3x-5x the price. GHD obviously brings quality and safety to the table but I found that it took too much work to achieve the desired results with this volumizing hot brush tool.

Product Description:

GHD’s Rise Volumizing Hot Brush gives instant and effortless 3D volume – from root lift to added body through the lengths. It’s ultra-lightweight and allows for quick and easy styling, creating maximum volume with minimum effort. Give your hair the boost it deserves by adding 2x more volume lifting up from the roots and creating body through the lengths for added shape, bounce and fullness.

Heater technology spans the 1.25″ barrel responding to hair’s needs and ensuring a constant optimum temperature of 365 degrees F helping to achieve healthier-looking and long-lasting voluminous results with no extreme heat. Smooth .5cm nylon bristles are developed at the optimum length to create gentle styling tension, allowing close contact to the roots for maximum lift and smooth gliding through hair for tangle-free styling.