Heatless curls silk ribbon

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  • Comfortable to wear
  • Consistent results
  • Easy to use
  • No kinks in hair
  • Waves/curls last 6-8 hours with little to no product


  • Can be pricey depending on type of rod purchased


A heatless curling rod is not just another heatless curler, it is one of the best you will ever try. See how it compares to the rest. Dare I say it’s the superior method?

ft. Silk Hair Curling Ribbon

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Our Rating Criteria

For consistent no heat curls, a heatless curling rod is the best choice.

One of the most viral heatless curls methods, and my personal favorite, is using a flexible silk curling rod. It’s by far the easiest, most comfortable, and travel-friendly method I’ve found. You don’t need any other hair styling products (maybe a bit of hairspray at the end for extra hold), and it takes just the rod and a couple hair elastics to secure. Here’s the 411 on why I think a silk heatless curling rod produces the best no heat curls.

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Heatless curls silk ribbon

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Our Rating Criteria

Promises vs. Performance: The best results.

Whether you call it a heatless curling rod, hair curling ribbon, silk hair rod, satin hair rod, or something else – the concept is the same. This heatless hair tool is a flexible rod, typically coated in silk or satin. The silk hair rod gets placed on the top of your head, with each end along your ears, and hair is then braided along each side of the rod.

How To Use/Results

  1. Start with freshly washed hair with only mid to ends slightly damp. Make sure your hair roots are completely dry to get the best results. (If using heatless curling rod on dry hair, I’d still advise to mist each section of hair before wrapping around curling rod to get best results.)
  2. Secure the hair rod onto the top of your head using a clip. I
  3. Separate hair into two sections.
  4. Working one section at a time, begin wrapping/twisting hair around the rod the same way you would a curling wand. If you want curls to alternate direction, wrap away from the face and other section towards. Think, three strand braiding method.
  5. Once both sides are completed, remove the clip at the top and leave in for 3-6 hours, or until hair is completely dry (I prefer to let it work its magic overnight while I’m sleeping!).
  6. To remove, gently untwist the hair from around the rod and fluff the curls with your hands to give them some extra bounce.
  7. If desired, set with any hair products to extend the longevity.

How it Compares: Heatless curling rod = the best heatless curls methods!

My favorite heatless curls method is a silk hair rod. For me, this one is the easiest, most comfortable, and travel-friendly method. The results are consistent and produce beautiful bouncy beach waves that last 6-8 hours (or longer with styling products!). Silk hair rods don’t result in any hair kinks or weird transition marks either.

Flexi Rods are my #2 pick, as they also produce consistent results. However, they do have a learning curve. It can take some practice to learn exactly how to wrap your hair around the rods for the best results. You do need styling products to get refined results after removing them, so these aren’t this isn’t the most travel friendly heatless curls option. My recommendation is also buying more than you think you need. On average, a pack comes with 10 rods, but depending on the size of the sections of hair you’ll need more a decent number of rods.

For a complete ranking of heatless curls methods, check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Heatless Curls.

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Satin/Silk Heatless Curling Rod

MATERIALS AVAILABLE: Spongy foam; Silk, Satin

SIZES AVAILABLE: Various, most commonly 0.31 in, 0.39 in, 0.47 in, 0.55 in, 0.63 in, 0.70 in, 0.78 in

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