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  • Goes smoothly through the hair
  • Gets close to the roots
  • Better than old type of paddle brushes


  • Slight burning smell
  • We couldn’t figure out how to curl with it
  • Doesn’t get the ends as sleek as I would want

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I tested another heated hair brush straightener. You guys know that I usually don’t prefer hair brush straighteners because they don’t do much for the hair and you usually have to go with a regular flat iron after you use it to create sleek/straight hair. But this hair brush straightener has different types of plates without the short bristles. We tested it on straight/wavy fine hair versus wavy coarse and super thick hair.

Comparison to Standard:

I tested this tool out before the TYMO version. This one is great and slightly cheaper so I think either one you can’t go wrong with. I think this tool is amazing especially for people with thick curly/wavy hair who have to spend a lot of time straightening. It did an amazing job with just one pass and left the hair feeling silky smooth. Personally, I would want to go over the ends of the hair with a flat iron to achieve the super sleek look I love. Overall though, I think this tool is awesome!

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