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  • $59.99 Retail
  • $19.99 MILABU suggested

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  • Love the packaging
  • Digital Heat Settings


  • Had a hard time straightening really curly hair
  • Didn’t give me the sleek straight results I really wanted
  • Left my hair really frizzy
  • Bristles are thick and wide, making it hard time getting the hair to go through
  • Outdated technology!

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The Instyler Straight Up straightening brush promises smooth, straight hair in half the time. I picked one up from Target for under $50. The first thing I noticed about this brush was the big, thick bristles and wasn’t sure how that would work with my hair. I compared this brush to a couple of other heated hair brush straighteners, also under $50, to see which ones really were worth it!

Comparison to Standard:

The standard is set by TYMO type of brushes. The new technology in heated brushes has made all the paddle type of heated brushes outdated. Even the best paddle type of brush can not compete with the worst type of TYMO type of heated brush.

Overall, the brush did straighten my hair, and I would have to go back in with a flat iron anyway to achieve the sleek ends that I love. This tool put extra tension on my smooth hair, leaving it frizzy and unpolished.

For me, a flat iron in the same price range like the Conair Infiniti Pro is more worth the money, if you have a similar hair type as me.

Product Description:


For straight, smooth and frizz-free hair that you can achieve effortlessly, look no further than this STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush from InStyler. Ceramic heated plates surround each individual bristle that simultaneously sections and straightens as you glide it down your hair. As soon as you turn it on, this heated styling brush gets powerful, instant heat that’s evenly distributed across the surface to deliver straight, shiny hair all in one pass.