Haus Labs is an up and coming foundation.



Price Category: Pro-Grade

  • $45.00 Retail

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Lady Gaga Just Released Best Foundation…


  • Skincare benefits
  • Safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • Inclusive shade range
  • Applies easily with brush or sponge
  • Buildable medium coverage
  • Lightweight feel
  • 6-8 hours of wear with minimal settling, fading, transfer, or need for touch-ups
  • Minimal cracking, separating, or creasing


  • Can transfer/wear off after 8+ hours or with lots of face touching
  • Can contribute to excess oiliness in T-zone
  • Doesn’t pair well with all primers


Lady Gaga’s Triclone Skin Tech is a winner. Lightweight coverage meets skincare benefits with HAUS LABS Foundation.

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HAUS LABS Foundation is a good one.

Is it just me or are brands trying to out-do themselves with who can make the most innovative beauty products? Lady Gaga set out to do just that with her new HAUS LABS Foundation, a face base packed with new technologies and 20+ skincare ingredients for high performance. Not only that, but the HAUS LABS team “obsessively formulated” their shade range of 51 colors across 6 families, all based skin depth and undertones. They used a true color wheel approach, which may be different than what most are used to. As defined by HAUS LABS, their undertones are: warm (pink, rosy, or peach tones); cool (yellow, golden, or olive tones); neutral (balance of golden and rosy tones).

That’s pretty impressive. Let’s put this innovative foundation to the test.

Promises vs. Performance: There’s a lot to discuss.

The HAUS LABS Foundation innovation is like no other. Jam packed with 20+ skincare ingredients, Triclone Skin Tech is formulated for comfortable, long wear that nourishes and helps skin with each wear. Their HausTech Powered™ Innovation includes a few things: (1) patent-pending Fermented Arnica reduces redness and imitations, evens skin tone, and protects skin from environmental stress; (2) BioFerment 7 Complex is a patent-pending antioxidant rich complex that promotes anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and protection from oxidative and environmental stress; (3) IntelliZen 7 Complex is a proprietary blend of medicinal herbs that work to promote skin healing and calming. This foundation promises buildable medium coverage with long wear performance that doesn’t slip, crease, or settle. In addition, it’s non toxic, noncomedogenic, non-acnegenic, dermatologist and clinically tested, and suited for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone.

There’s a lot to discuss regarding the HAUS LABS Foundation, so let’s start with the basics. Between the formulation, shade range, and technology, I’m impressed. The claims sound great, and are right up my alley. A foundation with skincare benefits that helps skin over time? Yes, please! It’s full of inflammatory and calming ingredients that my sensitive skin loves. And, it’s housed in a bougie, frosted glass bottle that looks stunning atop a vanity.

The wear test.

This foundation sets quicker than I expected considering it’s liquidy texture. I recommend working one side of the face at a time, dispensing more product as you need it. When I test a new foundation, I like to try it with both a brush and a damp beauty sponge. I picked up the HAUS LABS Foundation Brush, $39, to try with it. What I found is it is a bit too dense for my liking, and, between the two, I definitely prefer a damp beauty sponge. However, I do enjoy how this foundation applies with my beloved Bobbi Brown Face Brush, $55. It blends easily, providing a solid medium coverage.

How Triclone Skin Tech wears is where I am really impressed. It smooths over my texture, pores, and lines without settling, exaggerating, or clinging. The foundation really is weightless as claimed and looks like a second-skin. It gives a natural finish that could easily be amped up in luminosity or made more matte depending on your desired look. For me, this foundation wears pretty flawlessly for the first 6 hours. After the 6 hour mark, I start to get shiny in my T-zone (nothing a little blotting doesn’t fix, though!). It isn’t transfer proof either and can rub off with too much touching of the face.

Something I do want to note that Triclone Skin Tech doesn’t play well with all primers. When paired with mattifying, blurring, or gripping primers it can look heavy – like it’s sitting on top of the skin. In my opinion, this HAUS LABS foundation is best worn on its own or paired with a skincare-esque primer (something like RMS ReEvolve, $40).

Quick Rating Rundown

This Product

**** (4.5)

Haus Labs is an up and coming foundation.
HAUS LABS Triclone Skin Tech Foundation is an up and coming star.

Price: $45

**** (4.3)


**** (4.4)


**** (4.5)


**** (4.8)


**** (4.2)

Shade Range

**** (5.0)

Extra Benefits

**** (4.6)

Industry Standard

***** (4.6)

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estée Lauder Double Wear is the standard professional grade liquid foundation.

Price: $46

**** (3.9)


***** (4.8)


***** (5.0)


**** (4.0)


***** (4.8)

Shade Range

***** (5.0)

Extra Benefits

**** (3.5)

How It Compares: HAUS LABS Foundation is a good one, y’all!

Lady Gaga, I’m impressed! From the formula to the well-designed packaging to the wear, HAUS LABS Foundation is the full package. Tricolone Skin Tech is packed with 20+ skincare ingredients and exclusive HAUS LABS technology to calm skin, even tone, and protect from environmental stressors. This face base delivers buildable medium coverage that doesn’t accentuate texture, dry spots, bumps, pores, or fine lines. It wears beautifully for 6-8 hours, though I do notice I start looking extra shiny around the 6 hour mark. What I enjoy most about this foundation is how skin-like it looks from application to removal. It doesn’t look heavy, cakey, or like a mask on my face. I’m super excited to keep playing with Triclone Skin Tech Foundation and add it to my rotation!

A foundation widely accepted by the beauty community as a standard is Estée Lauder Double Wear (rated ***** 4.6). This one’s texture is on the thicker side and it provides medium to full coverage that is virtually life proof. In my opinion, it can look cakey and crease if too much is applied or skin isn’t prepped properly. Where HAUS LABS Triclone Skin Tech beats Estée Lauder Double Wear is formulation and look. It is much more skin-like, plus has many more benefits to help skin with each wear.

Even though this HAUS LABS foundation is a newer launch, we had to include it on our list of Best Foundations You Need To Try (rated ***** 4.0+). It stands its own along best sellers like Estée Lauder Double Wear, ILIA True Skin, and even L’OREAL Infallible.

Advertised Product Highlights

HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation

SHADE: 110 Light Neutral

COLOR: Very light with balanced undertones


FINISH: Natural luminous

COVERAGE: Buildable medium coverage

LONGEVITY: Long wearing

SKIN TYPE: All skin types including sensitive and acne-prone


BENEFITS: Brightens and evens skin tone with proprietary complexes; Infused with 20+ skincare ingredients including their patent-pending Fermented Arnica; Weightless, serum-like texture; No slipping or caking

OTHER: Cruelty free; Vegan; Non toxic; Noncomedogenic; Non-acnegenic; Dermatologist and clinically tested; Made in Korea; Available in 51 shades

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Free of fragrance, talc, PEGS, plus 2600+ other questionable ingredients

Edited by Maddie