Half Magic Flik Eyeliner

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  • 2022


Half Magic Eyeliner is an ultra bold calligraphy eyeliner pen designed to simplify the art of creating flawless winged liner.

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Half Magic Magic Flik Eyeliner: Effortless Wings with a Paddle-Shaped Tip

For makeup lovers who’ve struggled with achieving the perfect winged eyeliner, Half Magic has a new trick up its sleeve. Introducing Magic Flik Eyeliner, an ultra bold calligraphy eyeliner pen designed to simplify the art of creating flawless wings. With a uniquely shaped paddle tip, this eyeliner promises to make winged and graphic looks as effortless as they appear. But can it live up to its promise?

Half Magic Eyeliner Highlights

Innovative Paddle-Shaped Tip: The standout feature of the Half Magic Liquid Eyeliner is its paddle shaped tip. This unique tip isn’t just for show though. It was designed to hug the lash line to create one flick wings. Makeup lovers can utilize the pen’s curved edge for razor thin lines or switch to its flat face for bolder graphic looks. The promise here is that even those who struggle with achieving the perfect winged eyeliner can do so with ease.

Waterproof and Smudge Proof: Makeup lovers often demand two things from their eyeliners: longevity and smudge proof wear. Half Magic steps up to the plate with a waterproof formula that boasts a 12 hour wear time. But does it stand strong against the trials of daily life, including humidity and accidental eye rubbing?

Eye Safety and Sustainability: Safety and sustainability is a big deal for many makeup lovers. In terms of safety, Half Magic Eyeliner has undergone testing to ensure eye safety. And for those who are eco-conscious, the cap and body are constructed with 10% ocean recycled plastics. For those who care about the planet as much as their beauty routine, these aspects are noteworthy.

Things to Watch For

Ease of Application Test: The primary selling point of this eyeliner is its ease of use for both simple and complex eye looks. The question is whether the paddle shaped tip truly simplifies the process and allows for effortless wing creation.

Longevity and Smudge Proof Evaluation: An eyeliner’s true worth is tested by a full day of wear. Does it stay put without smudging, fading, or transferring? Is it indeed waterproof, as advertised? This is the next most important thing after application.

What We’re Excited About

Unique Applicator for Winged Perfection: Half Magic Magic Flik Eyeliner has generated buzz in the makeup world, promising an innovative solution for achieving winged perfection. The hope is that this eyeliner will indeed make winged eyeliner as effortless as a flick of magic. Makeup lovers who’ve struggled with creating that elusive winged eyeliner look are eager to see if the Half Magic Eyeliner’s paddle shaped tip lives up to its promise. If it does, it could change their eye makeup routine.

Advertised Product Highlights

Half Magic Magic Flik Eyeliner

# OF SHADES: 1 (Black)


FINISH: Natural

LONGEVITY: 12 hours

EXTRA BENEFITS: Waterproof; Unique curved edge for thin lines and flat face for bolder graphic lines

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Cruelty free; Vegan; Tested for eye safety; Cap and body are made with 10% ocean-recycled plastics

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