Curlformers on Short Hair

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  • Consistent results
  • Produces defined culs
  • Curls last 6-8 hours with little to no product


  • Can be uncomfortable to wear
  • Takes practice
  • can not sleep in these

Curlformers on Short Hair & Long Hair

Achieve corkscrew, spiral, or barrel no heat curls with the Original Curlformers by Hairflair on short hair and long hair…

ft. Curlformers

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What are Curlformers?

Curlformers have been around for a hot minute, but have recently gotten more attention as heatless curls methods have taken the Internet by storm. But, what exactly are they? They are rubber sleeve-like curlers that wrap around the hair with the help of a styling hook. However what customers really want to know, what do curlformers look like on short hair and long hair? Let’s jump into the curlformers review.

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Curlformers on Short Hair

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Promises vs. Performance: How well do Curlformers work on Short Hair & Long Hair

Hairflair is the mastermind behind Curlformers, a heatless hair tool that can be used on all hair types, wigs, and waves. They promise zero breakage and zero damage – just easy, smooth, and healthy curls. Depending on which size you choose, you can create corkscrew, spiral, and barrel curls. Curlformers are made in different sizes for short hair and long hair.

How To Use/Results

  1. Start with clean, damp hair.
  2. Section hair into a half up, half down style.
  3. Slide the Curlformer onto the styling tool.
  4. Grab a section of your hair with the hook of the tool and slide it to the root of your hair.
  5. Then, slide the Curlformer to the top of the hook, and pull it down your hair using the tool.
  6. Repeat process until your whole head is complete.
  7. Leave in for 4-6 hours, overnight, or speed up the process using a hair bonnet. Just make sure hair is fully dry before removing!
  8. When removing, squeeze the top of the former and pull at the bottom to gently slide the hair out.

For a more in depth tutorial, check out this video on the Milabu Channel.

Depending on which Curlformers you use, your results can vary. The green and blue Curlformers are narrow and create tighter curls. In my experience, the wider orange and pink ones create the best curls and are more comfortable to wear. The resulting curlformers curls are bouncy and ringlet-like, and would work best on medium to long hair lengths. Like I mentioned before in the review above, there are Curlformers size options for short hair as well. See photo with Curlformers before and after below.

Curl Formers Before
Curlformers on short hair
Curl Formers Results
Curlformers Results

How it Compares: Curlformers work on various Various Hair Types – long, short, natural…

Curlformers Heatless Hair Curler

Curlsformers produce some of the most polished results no matter the length or type (coarse, or fine) of the hair. Curlformers might be one of the few heatless hair curling tools that can simulate curling iron type of results. Very polished!

Best Heatless Curls

if you are curious about the type of results each heatless curling method produces, check out this article.

The article looks at everything from braids, to curlformers, to silk rods, to flexi rod, to many other you may never heard of. I have tested these heatless curlers and methods on various hair length, short and long.

Curlformers vs Silk Rod

My favorite heatless curls method is a silk hair rod. For me, this one is the easiest, most comfortable, and travel-friendly method. The results are consistent and produce beautiful bouncy beach waves that last 6-8 hours (or longer with styling products!). Silk hair rods don’t result in any hair kinks or weird transition marks either.

Curlformers vs Flexi Rods

Let’s compare curlformers vs Flexi Rods. Flexi Rods are my #2 pick, as they also produce consistent results. However, they do have a learning curve. It can take some practice to learn exactly how to wrap your hair around the rods for the best results. You do need styling products to get refined results after removing them, so this isn’t the most travel friendly heatless curls option.

For a complete ranking of heatless curls methods, check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Heatless Curls.

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Hairflair Curlformers


SIZES AVAILABLE: 14 inch, 22 inch, or 29 inch 

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