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Price Category: Value

  • $39.99 Retail

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  • Lower Price
  • Low high and Cool Settings
  • Titanium Ceramic Barrel
  • Nylon and Ball Tipped bristles
  • Good for fringe/styling small pieces 


  • Air Flow is very subtle
  • Burning Smell
  • Hair gets caught in the bristles
  • Don’t get as much volume as with the Revlon

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After finding and loving new hair stylers the Revlon One Step Dryer/Styler, I’ve been testing out other similar tools to see which is really the best. This professional drying/styling brush by John Frieda comes at a lower price point and was highly recommended by many of my viewers. Of course, I had to try this tool and see how it compares to my Revlon and other hair dryer brushes on the market.

Comparison To Standard:

In comparison to the Revlon One Step, this Hot Air Brush by John Frieda didn’t blow me away.

It has much lower air flow than the Revlon, adding much more time to the drying process. The bristles on this dryer were very rough on the hair, causing more frizz and tension. I found that my hair kept getting stuck unless I took very small sections. It did a great job on my fringe and

smaller pieces, but overall was a little too much work for the results.

The $34.99 price tag is lower than the Revlon, but I think the Revlon is money better spent. 🙂

Product Description:

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