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  • Different sizes available
  • Consistent results
  • Relatively affordable
  • No kinks in hair


  • Uncomfortable on head; Tight towards the scalp
  • Need multiple hair styling products to make hair look good
  • Need more than one pack if doing smaller sections
  • Takes a lot of practice to get consistent results


Are flexi rods the best heatless curls method? In my opinion, they produce some of the most consistent results, but they do take a bit of practice.

Ft. Flexi Rods

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Our Rating Criteria

Flexi Rods deliver incredible heatless curls results.

Heatless curls have taken the Internet by storm. From traditional methods like braiding to more obscure methods like using paper towels (I tried and it kind of works…), there’s a plethora of ways to achieve heatless curls. Personally, I’ve tried most, if not all, and definitely have my preferences. In fact, the OG Flexi Rods are one of the best methods out there. But, they take a little practice.

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Our Rating Criteria

Promises vs. Performance: Flexi Rods deliver consistent heatless curls.

Flexi Rods come in multiple sizes to create hairstyles from tighter curls to looser waves. There’s about 7 typical sizes, ranging from 0.31 inches in diameter to 0.78 inches. You can even mix & match the sizes for variegated curls! They’re usually made out of a spongy foam and are super flexible to twist the hair with. To use, twist hair around the rod and secure the two ends together – no hair ties required!

There are many different flexi rods on the market, but these are the ones I personally recommend:

Hair Tools to help with best results:

How To Use/Results

I’m not going to lie, Flexi Rods do have a bit of a learning curve to them. But, practice makes perfect! Once you get the hang of them, you’ll be getting consistent, beautiful results in no time. I compare how to use them to the same way you’d use a curling wand, wrapping/twisting hair the same way. You then secure the ends of the rod rollers together to hold them in place. The one thing I will say is they can be a bit uncomfy to wear. They feel pretty tight towards the scalp. Good thing is, there’s no weird transition marks or kinks in the hair when removed!

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.
  2. Work with about 2 inch sections of hair. Lightly spritz with a continuous water mister to dampen before twisting the hair around the rod rollers. Avoid the roots, only mist mids to ends!
  3. Apply a tiny bit (less than half a pump) of mousse to the section of hair.
  4. Gently brush through the section of hair, avoiding the roots.
  5. Twist hair as your wrap it around the rod rollers (think: coiling around).
  6. Use twisting butter at ends of hair to “glue” to flexi rod.
  7. Either sleep in the rods, or use a hair bonnet for about 1 hour to accelerate styling time (my personal fave method).
  8. To remove, carefully untwist the rods and gently separate the hair into smaller curls/waves.
  9. If needed, apply any other styling products. I find that the combination of mousse and twisting butter gives enough texture and hold on my hair type!

How to get heatless curls in an hour!

If you are looking to get heatless curls, but want it rather quickly there is an easy way to do it. You can use a hair bonnet, there are plenty of options on Amazon. All you have to do is connect a hair dryer to the hair bonnet, run it on cold air feature while you do your makeup or work. One thing to mention, not every hair dryer fits on the hair bonnet inlet, you might have to tinker with it to make it work. Furthermore, the hair dryer does need to have a cold air setting because you wont be able to handle the low heat setting for an hour. Otherwise, go outside if it’s warm and that should do the trick as well.

how to use hair bonnet

Amazon: Hair Bonnet

How it Compares: One of the best heatless curls methods!

In my opinion, Flexi Rods produce some of the most consistent results. However, they do have a learning curve. It can take some practice to learn exactly how to wrap your hair around the rods for the best results. You do need styling products to get refined results after removing them, so these aren’t the most travel friendly heatless curls option. My recommendation is also buying more than you think you need. On average, a pack comes with 10 rods, but depending on the size of the sections of hair you’ll need a decent number of rods.

Flexi rods are definitely more versatile. You could mix and match these and position them in precise locations to get the results you want. Those parting line can be annoying with some of the heatless curlers. Flexi rods are also one of the more affordable options on the market. If these elements are important to you, then this is the curler to get.

My favorite heatless curls method remains a silk hair rod. For me, this one is the easiest, most comfortable, and travel-friendly method. The results are consistent and produce beautiful bouncy beach waves that last 6-8 hours (or longer with styling products!). Silk hair rods don’t result in any hair kinks or weird transition marks either. See silk hair rod in action ▶️

For a complete ranking of heatless curls methods, check out our MILABU PICKS article, ‘Best Heatless Curls.

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SIZES AVAILABLE: Various, most commonly 0.31 in, 0.39 in, 0.47 in, 0.55 in, 0.63 in, 0.70 in, 0.78 in

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