Fenty Brow MVP Wax Review

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Price Category: Pro-Grade

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  • No residue or flaking
  • Not greasy, heavy, or crunchy
  • Unique brush applicator


  • Not a strong eyebrow hold
  • Made using eyebrow pencil difficult
  • Not much product for the price

Fenty Brow MVP Wax Review

Let’s review the unique Fenty Brow MVP Wax pencil + brush. But, this product doesn’t quite meet the mark with its performance.

Video Makeup Tutorial: Fenty Brow MVP Wax

ft. Fenty Brow MVP Wax

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While I love a good eyebrow gel, lots of makeup lovers swear by eyebrow wax. This may be because some claim that wax has a better hold on eyebrow hairs. According to Allure, eyebrow wax is much stronger than eyebrow gel. They claim that once the wax hardens, your eyebrows won’t budge. I’m going to be honest: I had these high expectations for Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Wax Styler. This product’s unique design and formula definitely intrigued me. But how does this eyebrow wax perform? Let’s dive into Fenty Brow MVP Wax Review.

Promises vs. Performance: I’m not sure how I feel about Fenty Brow Wax.

Fenty Brow MVP is a sweat and water resistant sculpting wax with an all day hold. The flexible, but firm wax isn’t greasy, heavy, or crunchy and leaves no residue or flakiness on/around the brows. The wax pencil has an angled tip for precise application as well as a built-in silicone brush to shape and set brows in place.

My Review Thoughts: Fenty Brow MVP Wax

Fenty Brow MVP is an interesting product. I had high hopes in the review for this unique Fenty Brow MVP Wax product, but it just doesn’t live up to my expectations or its promises. The wax pencil itself isn’t the smallest, and it feels like I’m applying a lip balm to my brows, which is just a strange concept. The formula also makes it hard to go in with a brow pencil after since it literally coats the brows. And while the wax doesn’t feel crunchy or heavy as promised, it doesn’t firmly hold my brow hairs all day. My brows don’t stay feathered and full looking as they do with other brow gels.

However, I do appreciate the unique brush. It was able to push my eyebrow hairs up for the feathered look I love. While I think a spoolie works just as well, I love that Rihanna made her brow tool different from the rest!

Fenty Brow Wax Application

Fenty Brow MVP Wax Application
Fenty Brow MVP Wax Application

As you can see the brows did have hard time staying up. I think there are better products on the market. Unfortunately even NYX brow glue does a better job.

How It Compares: Try theses brow waxes instead.

Let’s just review what to check out instead of Fenty Brow MVP Wax. I like a wax that doesn’t feel crunchy, doesn’t make my brows fall flat, and allows me to go in with a brow pencil or pen afterwards to define.

The standard professional grade brow wax is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze. While Fenty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax is a retractable pencil, Anastasia’s wax comes in a jar with a sealed top. Because of this sealed container, the wax is softer than Fenty’s stiff pencil formula. This allows Anastasia brow wax to be easily worked through the brow hairs. Anastasia recommends applying the wax with a spoolie brush. This method is not only faster than with Fenty brow wax but also more effective. With the Anastasia wax, you can both sculpt and set your brows at the same time. And, it actually has an all day hold.

Another one of my faves is the Trio Beauty Butterfly Lifting Wax. This one was a 2022 Allure Best of Beauty winner for its outstanding performance (and price!). The brow wax fluffs, lifts, and feathers brows flawlessly with an all day hold. No crunchy brows, either – the formula is strong hold, but it’s flexible and comfortable to wear. Other brow products also pair well with it since it isn’t as waxy of a texture as Fenty Brow MVP.

Advertised Product Highlights

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler

# OF SHADES: 1 (Clear)


LONGEVITY: Long wearing

BENEFITS: Sweat and water resistant; Unique built-in brush tool; Angled tip to shape and style brows; Suits all skin tones and hair colors

CLEAN BEAUTY CLAIMS: Cruelty free; Vegan; Free of parabens, phthalates, and gluten

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